P104 ORACLE 104 Fri31 Dec ITV 0030:01    1/2       THURSDAY at 9.50pm  STALKER (1979) Aleksandr Kaidanovsky,Alisa Dreindlikh. An extraordinary and compelling science fiction film that confirms Andrei Tar- kovsky's status as Russia's leading contemporary film maker and as a major international director. The movie follows the odyssey of a trio of travellers in 'The Zone' — a vast rural area believed to be possessed with strange powers — as they search for 'The Room', an oracle reputed to have the power to make their dreams real As a powerful narrative or as an allegory, it repays careful viewing.  TV programmes follow >
P104 ORACLE 104 Fri31 Dec ITV 0030:12    2/2       THURSDAY  6.00 PEOPLE'S COURT The "Water in the Gas Tank" case and the case of the "goofed up wedding giftbN 6.30 MADAM Joins the rehearsals for The Rake's Progress 7.00 CHANNEL FOUR NEWS ITN's in-depth reports of the day's news 8.00 CITIZEN 2000 A long term study of the progress of 15 very diff- erent children born in 1982 9N00 WHAT THE PAPERS SAY BRIAN INGLIS reviews the papers for 1982 9.50 FILM: STALKER review follows >> 2.45 CLOSE film review follows > THE MFI SALE BEATS EVERYTHING p153