P3e9 BRAVO 369 Sat 30 May 20:32:55 As we enter the middle stage of our lives, our bodies may begin to lose the natural strength and suppleness which oils our earlierayears and sadly conventional medicine has little to is at hand im t(e fUrm of a supple-eOt which draws on the strength of sjvjral powerful vatural ingredients used by centuries by chlthres with histeries of using natural health products. Master biochemists have developed Irena combinin' frosh royal jelly, ginseng, and echinacea with herb and plant extracts, wiich act sy.ergistically to potentise the fMrmulation. Irena is a particularly potent formulation. As its analysis shows, it contains a balance of vitamins, mineral and amino acids riquired to enhance and U!intain a healthy system. 2/2 (UK) 0800 146 441, (Eire) 1800 55QQ553 Main Index TV Guide Highlights Holidays