P1c3 ORACLE 143 Sat 1 Sep ITV 2312:40    N  UNION& .UN OF& .& $+ +,%/ !k.!  Lansdowne'q second row forward Moss Keane has annopnced his retirement bpom repres—n— tivd r0gby. Keane, who was 36 lasp Huly, won 1 ca—s for Ireland in an international career that embraced 11 3D sons and a Lion's tour. He did not play P5&—y tnpid ha fas 22, gained has first ca at 25 and was never drop d after he l df his da"qp ac—hnst France in 197 N Keane, a mamber of phd Mqns—er deam that beap the All Blacks, will cont—n0e to play for Lansdowne. CA B 086 @2O@ER@Y  JOBS  