P128 ORACLE 108 Sat 1 Sep ITV 2310:00   MER@ P P OB AF$BB  BAT FB D BABY DIAS  Police —ava laqnched a ltrder inquiry after t—e deaph of the 21,month,old batteped baby —umped ap Guy's Hospital in Lo&—onN  Pyra Neal's od8 w!p covered wit— br5—3a1 an— s—e had serious ea injuraas.  The i.fanp was left at t—e hospital with a nota, written by hep mother, pinned to hep clot(—ng  @odice released the mother after q5dspigfHng —tr now want to see a boybpien—, An—rew Nail, 20, w—o livds in Soup( dst LondonN KODAK EV NTS AGE — " ULARLY UPDA @D INFORMATION— — fd 193