P65a CEEFAX 2 652 Mon 09 Oct 12:58/57   !1k5j5juj7}jw    N^O   CHA TTYSLATESTHOUSEWARMING 1O8 This wees, three {outh Lonjon fami}ies are celebrating building their own hocs thanks to the efforts of a unique charity. Self-Build +fek (Oct"x-13)  be some party,0wixh maoz w xhe ?00 volunteers who he÷ped build the thxej houses in Peckham joining the families. The combined efforts were co.ordinated by iabitat For iumanity Great BritainN The housing charity wa{ sft up in 1995 to help meet the ÷jed wor wommznity housing and hoqsing. >>> CSV index 650 TV 600 Main menu 100 Read Hear 640 News 101 Weather 400 Next Page N'fstTV! Headlines Main Menu