P64f CEEFAX 2 624 Mon 09 Oct 12:57/23  ———p———————————————q—————————   EfUCA HON   X^  ——————————————————q———— 10/15 LANGLEY! OUNTRY In the BBC2 TV series Bob Lang÷ey gets to koow counxx} p÷qcw{0pnd xrop÷q# This colourful booklet has a wealth of p inwormation asout locatios weaturqd in thc 20 programojsn a}ong wi}h articles oo wountty-re÷axed(susjects including!lbrkets, crafts and shows, gardens and gardening, and flklorj*' There axe also ideas for taking0xour interest in the countrysjde ÷urther. Send a chequeO—O wor £4 (ioc y&xX, 0byable to BBCPdd{cation, to: p Langley Country (C) PO Box 7000, Manchester M60 3HE BBC1 601 BBC2 602 ITV 603 Ch4 604 Front page 100 Sport s1q Weaxher 400 City Hosp Bawk-up xty Hwsx 5f x÷s{