P57e CEEFAX 2 578 Mon 09 Oct 12:11/03  CHESS  Brai÷ Games Network World Championship 3O8 Game 1 of the match ended in a draw in 25 moves, with Kasparov failing to make the advantage of the white pieces p—y. There was a s÷ight szxpxi{b a{ Kramnik avoided the Petroff and Kasparov did not play the Scotch opening. An early exchange of queens resulted in a position which was cramped for B÷ackN Kasparov nqrsed an advantage for a while but used up a lot of time i the process. Kramnik found a solid way to hold the posjtion. Game two takes place on T{esday afternoonN Sport 300 Freetime 370 Main mens 100 Featuxes 540 MOBOs Showbiz Main Menu N'fstTV