P15e CEEFAX 2 118 Mon 09 Oct 12:48/00  lh,,l L   jpqzjpqzjpqz   NA CASE OF S'JNE FEVER CONFIRMED 4/10 Another case of Classical Swine Fav—r h—s been confirm—d in Norfolk, bringing the total confirmed cases tg 02. This case is in an area which had previoqsly been subject to movement resprictions The Swind F—v—r Declaratory (Amendment) (No 11 Order replaces and extends the prevhous movement restrictigns. @igs on the f—rm had already been slaughter—d as dangerous contacts on Septelber 21. For information on whether a farl is covered by an infected area or progress on the results of a test for disease, contact the helpline: 08702 414215. News Index 102 Flash 150 Regional 160