P486 C AX 2 48& T—e 0 Har p:00/00 C 3k l<$|,|h $+j $kj 'k j5 }j7B "I' sju 2/27  ££  T GO 18/p2/97) 2/2 isitorc s@ould stop at all control points on request, turn on interior ve@icle lights and only continue if certain t@at permission has been giv—n to do so. Be prepared for c@ecks of passport/ identity papers and possible vehicle searches. -isitors should avoid travelling outside LoEe at niGHt. An outbraek of meningitis has been reporte— il t@e nort@erl reGion of Togo. Seek medical advice about immunisation before travelling. TpaveH @—adlines 430 Front page 100 uro @NfO TV/ a—io Weat@er Main Menu
P486 C EFAX 2 48& Tue 0 Har 0001/00     £}j7B5"m' sju 3/27   T NIDAD & TOBAGO (31/12/94) 1/2 Most p—ople visiting Trinidad & Tobago —Njoy ppoblem free holidays. Nevertheless theft, often involving weapons, can be a problem, particularly at nigHt in Port oF pain and Ot@er arban apeAs. Ta+e local advice on areas to be avoided. Hany areas are best visited in groups. Do not carry large amounts of Ioney or wear jewellery. Use hOteL safety deposAt boxes to store falaAbles, money and passports. people. Travel @eadliNes 430 ront page 100 Euro InfO TV/ adio WeatPer Iain Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/00  3k  @ $kj $Wj@'+ @VI@ 5/67  ££  TURBEY (18/p2/87) 1/4 Western and centraL areas, including e@iterrANean AN— BLAck Sea CoAsts: -isitors should be aware that the Kurdistan Wor+ers Party (PKK) has attac eh places frequente— by tourists. Eour tourists, including one Briton, died in bomb attacks in Marmaris and Irtanbul in 1994. The PK re.ewe— its threats in 1995 and furt@er atacks occurred in Istanbul resultAng in t@e —eat@ of a tourist, T@e PKK ag!in renewed its threats in March of lAst year. Trav—l @eadlines 4£0 Fpont page 000 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/00     6/37   URVE (18/p2 87) 2/4 Western and central areas, including Me@iterrAnean and BlAck Sea oasts: T@e Tur+ish aut@orities are giving a hiCh priority to protecting visitors, but complete security cannot be guarenteed. -isitors should remain vi'ilant at all times. Eurt@er details for Eastern and South Eastern Tur+ey follow......... TraveL @eadliN—s $30 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weat@—r Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 2p:00/01     7/37   TURBEX 18/p2/97) 3/4 Eastern and South Eastern areas: Th—re is widespread terrorism in Soat@ East Tur+ey aN— in t@e Iount Ararat area of Eastern Turkey. Recent attAc+r ON roa—s and railways have been as far west ar Sivas and Adana. Several Western tourists were +idnappe— by t@e PKK in t@e suHHers of 1993, 1994 1995 and in September 1994. urt@er similar incidents can be expected. Do not@go t@ere unless on essential businesr, in w@ich case keep to main roa@s and towlr. Travel @eadli.ec 430 Front page 100 Euro nfO V/ adiO Weat@er Iail He.u
P486 C EFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/01     8/37 £"£££" ££  ££££££££££ TURBEX (18/p2/97) 4/4 Eastern and South Eastern Turkey (Cont) Adoid trAvel at dusR or at night and advise British Embassy in AnCara, Tel: (310)4&8& 30/ 0) or British onsulate General, Istanbul (212) 29375 5/49) of your trAfeH plaNr Due to@recelt —vents in NortPern Iraq @O not atteIpt to enter from TurCey. T@e Hain border crossing poAntq into Syria (in daylight hours) are still considered generally safe. Those consid—ring the overland route to Iran s@ould consult t@e Embassy. Tpavel Peadlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/00    @V sju 11/37   URVS AND CAICOR ISLANDS (9/1/97( There is a relatively low crime rate in Tur es and aicos slan—s, but exercise coIHon seNse. Do not travel to isolated spots such as North West Point (Provid—nciales) at night or wit@out letting someone know you are t@ere during t@e day. Doreign Office Travel 0171 238 4503/4 Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 uro NfO / a@io Weat@er IAin Menu
P486 C FAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/00  3k  @ 'k  12/37  ££  ££££££££££££££££££££ GALDA X%./p2/97) iolence by rebel groups in northern Uganda continues.The districts curreltly affected include Gulu, Kitgum, Moyo and Arua. Visitors are strongly advised tO avoid t@is area. In t@e Rwenzori Mountains area tPe UgaN@an ar-y (UPD ) contAnues to engage poc+ets of a Ugandan rebel group forEerly based in Zaire. Spora@ic battles continue, and isolated villa'es in t@e area continue to be attAc+ed by tPe rebel@group. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:00/48     14/37   U RAINE T@ere is a @ipht@eria —pidemic in some areas. Do not drink tap water without first boAling it. Consult your GP about imHunisation and other precautionary measures. IuFgings, t@efts and car @ijacCing are increasing throug@out Ukraine. Be digilANt aNd Beep expenrive posressions out of sight. If trafelling by over.ight train, secure t e compaptment door from th— inri—e by tying it@with wire or cord. Carry your passport at all tim—s. Trafel eadlinec 430 polt page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 0 Mar 20:00/20 @   @ $+j $kj 'k @5 }j7B bi'@sju 19/37   -ENEZUELA 20/12/96) 1/2 @ifficult ecoloUic conditions Pave caused a surge in crime in all areas of Venezuela, particularly in Caracas and Maracaibo, some tarceted against foreigners. Avoid walCing in city streets, particularly at night. Taxic should be used for travel. Street robbings and car-jacCings can occur in any areas. Do not carry large aHounts of money or valuable jewellery An— dpekr down. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro nfO TV/ adio Weat@er Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tu— 04 Mar 2p:01/06   j $kj $kj k  £}j7B5"I'@rju 21/27   -IETNAM 26/2/97) 1/3  Travel in parts is hazardous and in soEe —reAr stAHl fOrbidden. aBe particulap care w@—n travelling alolF tPE bOr@er gAt@ Aos, AMbo@ia and China. +nexplode— Zines, bombr and sPells Ape — @AzAr@ hL forEer battlefield areas. iolent incid—nts and pic+- poc+eting are increasing in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh ity and otPer major cities. Drug sHuFgling carries t@e death penalty. Travel @eadlines $30 Front page 100 Euro nfo V/Ra—iO Weat@—r Main Ienu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 2p:01/26   $Cj Cj 'C j! }@7B5 I' rja /2' ££" ££" ££  £££££££ ££££££ £ VIETNAM (26/2/97) 2/3 The standard of driving and ve@icle maintenance is poor and often the cause of acci@entq. Iotorcycle hire is not racomH—nded. @@ere is an epi@eEic of —en'ue fever in the Sout@ern part of Viet.am and sporadic cases in th— north. Care s@ould be taken to avoid mosquito —ites. The provision of prompt consular asristance is difficult outside Hanoi and Ho CPi Minh City because of poorly —eveloped@infrastracture in Viet.am. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio WeatPer Main Me.u
P486 CE FAX 2 48& Tue 0 Har 2p001/4£     23/37   - ETNAI ( &/2/8$) 3/3 Travellers to VietNam w@os— journey @will invOLve flying over AfgPanistan s@ould be aware tPat tPere are thpeats from military activity to civil aircraft overflying Afganistan using routes V668, A466, G202 and V848. SoEe airlines conti.ue to use t@ese routes. Ot@ers, inclu—ing all British carriers, use alternative routes 876 and 5p0, on wPich tPe thpeat is asresred as HiniIaL. TrAdellErs s@ould c@eck, eit@—r with travel a'ents or airli.es, w@ic@ routes individual airline1 are using. raveH Peadlines 43p FpoNt pa'e 0pp Euro nfo TV/ a—io@ WeatPer Iain Henu
P486 C AX 2 48& T—e p4 Har p:0"/0$  3kj 3k   C sju 25/37   WE TERN SAHARA X6/12/9$) 2/2 Travel is restricted and w@ile orGAnise@ gpoapr are GeneraLHy permitted, independent overland @aBhla OlrulAr rervices ape not avAilable and we cannOt assist in obtaining transit permits. o transit tPe territory, ve@icles shoul— be shippe— from asablanca to Mauritania or Senegal and passengers travel by air. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 2p:07/14     27/37   YEMEN (7/2/97) 2/3 Respect local sensitivites about religious sites. It is not always wise to enter mosques@or to taVe photographs near tPose sites. Avoid travel to tPe governorates of Al Mahra, near Omani border, and in Al Jawf and Sa'ada, north of Sana'a. The Marib area is volatile. Avoid Going tPere wPen trouble Pas beem reported. Where possible, travel in organised—grouips with well established local tour agents. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tuj 04 Mar 2p:07/36 SC  @ S@ 28/37 C  Y MEN (7/2/97) 3/3 There is tension between Yemen and Eritrea over the disputed Pa^ish Islands. Maritime travellers should keep a clear distance from these islands and the coastline opposite as they are sensitive areas. All trave\lers to@9emem sPould register with tPe British Embassy in Sana'a, Tel: 264081-4 and/or at the BritisP@C#nsulate/(rade@office in Aden, Tel 02 232712. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 uro Info@ TV/$adio WeatPer Main Menu
P486 C FAX 2 48& Tue 0 Har p:05/4%   3k  @ $kj $kj 'k @ sju 29/37 " ££"££ " £  £££££" £££££££££ YUG RLAVIA, Fed.Rep.of (3/1/97) 1/3 Since mid-November largely peaceful anti GOvernEent prOtests have taken place daily in Belgrade. Avoid t@e early evening. Carry id—ntification. Avoid travel to tPe bor—er area between North-west Serbia and Croatia. Travellers to FRX Eust obtain a visa —efore departure. It is not possible to obtain visas at airports or border crossings. -isitors arriving wit@oat visas will —e detai.ed, possibly fined, and returned to t@eir point of departure. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 uro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 48& Tue p4 Mar 2p:00/05 2+j£3kj 3k    30/37   UG VHA IA, Fed Rep.of (3/1/97( 0/3 Declare all curpency on enterAng FRX. Failure to do so wAll attract a fine on @EpAptarE@AN— pokriBlE coldiccatiom Od remaining cash. arh ( Or DI) is nOrmally require— for all payments, including hotel bills. It is not possible to encash travellers c@eques and credit cards are LOt generally accepted. The incidence of car theft remains high, and t@ere have been isolated robberies on inter.ational train services. TraveL @eadlin—s 430 Fpont page 100 uro Info TV/Radio Weath—r Main Menu
P486 C EFAX 2 48& Tue 04 Mar 20:00/10   Cj Cj '+ j! }j7B "I' sja £1/27 " "£"£££" £  ££££££££ £££££££££ 9UGO A-IA, Fed.Rep.of (3/1/97) 3/3 Re'ister with t@e British Embassy in Belgra—e (p11]$)5[pkk) on arrival. nforI tP— Embassy@of any@cPange of address or telephone number. Trafel @eadlines 43p Fpont page 100 Euro InfO TV/Radio WeatPer Main Menu
P486 C EFAX 2 48& T—e 0 Mar 20:00/1     33/37 " ££"£££" £  ZAIRE 4/p1/97) 2/2 On arrival British nationals are advise— tO reGister wit@ tPe Britis@ Embassy, Kinshasa. @ritish Embassy, Avenue 3 G Kinshasa. Sat tel: 00 871 144 7752 or sat fax: 7753 el cel: 253 88 4&101, 46100, 44923 el: 88 247'5 33120 33)5£ 33770 Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weat@ep Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tuj 04 Mar 20:00/01  3k  @ @B sju 37/37 £" £ " £££ C" £ ££""££££ ZIMBABWE (4/12/96) 2/2 Driving out of town at night should be avoide— as vehicles are poorly lit and roads badly marke—. Pedestrians and stray livestock are additional dangerc. EHergency services can provide only limited help in the event of an accident. @e hLci@enbe Od pArrport tPeft is high. Visitor should carry photocopies of t@eir passport1, althou&h bank2 whll not accept p@otocopies for monetary transactions. Trate\ @ea—lAles 43p polt paGe 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weather Main Menu
P486 CEEFAX 2 486 Tue 04 Mar 20:04/00 3kj 3kj 3+ L   32/37   A E /01/87 1/0 rAfeHHers rPoul— coNrhder gPet@er t@eir visit is esreLtial. Kivu, astern Raire sPould b— seen as a war zone and b— avoided. British Nationals in Kivu and Eastern  are b—ing strOngly advised to leafe ar sool ar pocrible. Travel to Kisangi is not advised Visitors are strongly adviqed to be met at Kinshasa airport upon arrival. Do not travel out of town at night. Road blocks w@ere tP— Hilitary demand money are common. TraveL headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weath—r Main Menu
P486 C@EFAX 2 48& Tu— 0 Har 0:05/02     £}j7k5"m' sju 35/37 " ££" ££"£ £ C 5AMBIA (12/12/8-) 2/2 Avoid driving out of town at night as Eany vehicles are poorly lit and badly driven. SoEe Hajor roa—s are badly pOt holed and in a dangerous state. Stray aniEals on rural roads are a constaNt @azar—. Dor furt@er advice contact t@e British High Commiqsion, Lusaka, T—l: 251133 fax: 251923. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 Euro Info TV/Radio Weat@er Main Menu