P476 CEEFAX 2 47& Tue 0 Mar 2p:00/00 3kj£3kj 3k  |,|h /j $Cj $Cj 'k j5 £}j7R5"K'@rju 4/26 ££"£££" £ ££££ ££££££££££ ££££££££ BE ARUS 27/11/9$) 2/3 Tratelleps s@ould be alert to t@e possibility of mugging, t@eft and pick- pOcCeting particalArHy at t@e Brest border crossing if travelling by road. On trAins do not leave t@e compartment unattended and ensure t@e door is secure from inside. In hotels or apartEents be cautious opening tPe door to strangers. Don't leave valuables in unattended tehicles. Always use@official taxis. It is not known w et@er local Airlilec alwAys obserde proper maintenance procedures. Travel headli.es 430 Front page 100 O 2 Newc @eads Weat@—r Iail Henu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 2p:20/50     5/26   BELARUS (27/11/96) 3/3 For safety, travellers are advised, wPere possible, to fly direct to their destination on an international flight originating from outside the former Soviet Union. Flights to internal and other CIS destinations are sometimes subject to cancellations or long delays. Foreign Office Travel 0171 238 4503/4 Travel headlines 430 Ftont page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weather Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue p4 Mar 2p:02/51     7/26   BENIN (20/12/96) Travel is generally safe but driving out of main towns at night should be avoided as roads are poorly lit. There have recently been a number of incidents of mugging and personal assault in the commercial capital Cotonou and some armed robberies have eeen reported in otPer areas. Be vi'ilant. Avoid unlit side streets The Honorary British Consul in Cotonou tel: 30112p can only give liUiteh help in an emergency. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weather Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 47& Tu— 0 Mar 2p:00/00 j 2Cj£2Cj 3C h< |,|@   £}j7k5"m' sju 8/26 ££"£££" ££  B L A-@ R GO NA 12/0 87) 1/3 The Foreign Office advises against all but essential trafel to t@e area. -isitors shoul— exercise extreme caution wPen visiting Bos.ia and Herze'ovina (both tPe Federation and Republi a SrprBa) Although a peace agreem—nt has been signed and freedom of movement t@eoretically applies throughout th— country, incidents of violence and harassHent still occur and t@e country is not safe for traveLlers Tpaf—l Headlines 430 Front page 100 CO 3 News Hea—s Weat@—r Main Menu
P476 @ AX 2 47& T—e p4 Har p:0!/20     9/26   BORNIA-HERZEGOVINA (13/2/97) 2/3 The areas near Mostar (south west Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Brcko Lorth Bosnia and Herzegovin!) could be especially sjnsitive (and therefore —an eroas) in tPe fortPcominF wee s. rAfel by roa— is tPe uruaL Zeanr of transport into Bosnia. Many of t@e roA@r —re il poor con@itiOn. Do not travel at night. Keep to Pain roads and do nOt travel Or rtrAy off t@e road as lar e areas of BosLia@ate rtilH ZineH. @ TraveL Headlines 42p Front page 100 FCO 6 News Heads@ WeatPjr IAin Menu
P476 C@EFAX 2 47& Tu— 04 Mar 2p:00/50     10/26   BORNIA-HERZEGOVINA (13/2/97) 3/3 Cheqaes an— cre—it cards are not accepted in Sarajevo or most of the Uain cities/towns. Medical facilities are limited. The BrAtish Embassy in Sarajevo can offer limited consular assistance. T—l: (387) 444429/ 471324/6$ 085 or satellite (873) 1452244. Fax no 664131. Travel headlines 430 Fpont page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weat@er Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 2p:03/10     11/26   BRA5IL (2s/12/:m) 1/2 There is a high crime rate in the major @cities, particularly in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In Rio, taxis and the metro are much safer tPan bjses or trAms. In Sao Paulo, avoid the old central area after dark. Do not resist muggers, they are mormally armed. Dress down, avoid wearing jewellery or expensive watches and keep wallets and cameras concealed. Deposit valuables in hotel safes. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weather Main Menu
P476 C EFAX 2 476 Tue p4 Mar 2p:04/23     12/26   BRAZIL X23/12/96) 2/2 Keep car doors locked and windows closed. Be particularly alert whilst waiting at traffic lights. Drug trafficking is a growing problem, with severe penalties in Brazil. Only carry items packed by yourself. Eoreign Office Travel 0171 238 4503/4 Travel Peadlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads@ WeatPer Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 20:04/01   C '+ j5 £}j7A5"I' sju 13/06   RUN H (16/10 8$) Travellers to BruNei who fly over Adg@anistan should b— aware t@at t@ere ape t@peats froI HiLitapy activity to civil aircraft overflying Afghanistan uring routes V$68, A466, G2p2 and V848. Some airlines continue to use these roates OtPers, inclu@ing all British cApriers, use alternative routes, 87& and .500, on wPich t@e thpeat is asr—sve@@as ZiNiI—L. Travellers should check direct either with travel agents or airlin—s which roates individual airlines are using. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads eatP—r Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 47n Tue p4 Mar 2p:06/0;    @ 14/26   B+LGARIA (11/p2/97) 1/2 Recent demonstrations have now ended but some strikes continue. Petrol and soUe fooDstuffs are@in short@supply There is a risk of robbery (soUetimes violent) and car theft. Be wary of groups of young pickpockets in down town Sofia. Be vigilant at all times, especially at night and when on foot in areas around tPe Sheraton Hotel, Central Station and the city underpasses. Do not accept any food or drink from strangers@as tPere is a risk it could be drugged. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weather Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 2p:04/00  3k l< |,|h   sju 15/2& " ££" ££" £  £££££££££££££££££££ BULGARIA (11/02/97) 2/2 There have been shootings in public places between rival criminal gangs and a sHall number of explosions involving home-made devices. Do not carry credit card or passports. They are best left in a hotel safety d—posit or similar. Bulgaria introduced new road tolls dor foreigners from Jan—apy 1 1997. New charges may be administered in an arbitary way since th—re are no toll booths. You may be charged in hard currency so ideally carry US Dollars op Deutc@HarCs. Travel headlin—s 430 Front page 100 FCO 2 News Heads Weat@er Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 20:05/00     17/26   BURMA/MYANMAR 2/1/97) 1/4 isitors to Burma are required to keep to officially —esiGnated tourist areas travelling only by train, road, river or air. ycling, @iSing an@ balloo ing in reEote areas ape —iscoupaged. Visitors mAy also face unwelcome attention from the local authorities in areas recently opened to foreigners. Political tensions have risen in the part few Holt@r. In May an— Septemb—r several hundre— supporters of t@e Lational Lea'ue for Democracy (t@e main opposition party) were temporarily detained. Travel @eadlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weat@er Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 20:04/20 j 2Cj£3Cj 3C h< |,|h @  18/26   B RMA/HYANMAR (2/1/97) 2/4 n early December, student demonstrations bro e@out in Rangoon, leading to some violent clashes. Roadblocks remain on University Avenue, t@e home of Aung San Suu Kyi. On December 25, two bombs exploded in a pagoda on the outqkirts of Rangoon, killing 5 and injuring 17 Burmes—.Those responsible have not been identified. ALt@oug@ tPe boIbr were NOt —irecte— at foreigners, trouble may recur an— disitors s@oud excercise caution and remain vi'ilant. Tpavel headlAnes 43p Fpont page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weather Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 2p:04/06     20/26   BURMA/MYANMAR (2/1/97) 4/4 .isitors should seek medical advice about endemic diseases before travelling. Comprehensive travel insurance is essential and should include evacuation by air. For further information contact the British@Embassy in Rangoon XYangon) Tel: 5953pp, 2:5309, 2817pp^ Eax: 289566. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads WeatPer Main Menu
P476 C FAX 2 4'& Tue 04 Har 20:00/2£     21/26   B RUNDI 04/p2/97) n view@of t@e sanctions imposed on Burundi and the subsequent closura of tPe borDers and airports, BrAtish nationals are strongly advice— not to visit Burundi. The Britiqh Ambassador in Kigali, Rwan—a, is accredited to Burundi on a non-resident basis. EHergency cons4lar assistance only may be sought through the British representative currently wor+ing for t@e French Embassy in Bujumbura (tel: 257 226 464 ) Travel @eadlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weat@—r Main Menu
P476 C@ AX 2 47n T—e p Har p:00/01  3k  @CC 'k @@ }j7B "I'@sju 22/0& " "£"££ " £  £"£ £££££££ £ £££££££ AIBODIA (13/p2/97) 1/5 @A\tPouFh tPere Pas been a siGnificant increase in security in CambODia in recent months, the Khmer Rouge remains a threat in s—veral areas, particularly in th— nOrt@. A British national was kidnapped with his hnterpreter near Siem eap on 26 March and their whereabouts are still unknown. h.oI PeLh is relatively safe but eisitors should exercise caution, particularly after dark. Travel Headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weat@er Main Menu
P476 CEEFAX 2 476 Tue 04 Mar 2p:08/24     24/26   CAMBODIA (13/p2/97) 3/5 @TPe Foreign ffice advise agAinst any @otPer road journeys outside tPe immediate vicinity of Phnom Penh. When visiting tPe temples at Angkor, travel should be by air to Siem Reap airport. -isitors should not go beyond the main temple complex and should not try to visit Banteay Srei or otPer outlying temples because of tPe threat from the Khmer Rouge and banditry. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 6 News Heads@ WeatPer Kain Menu
P476 C EFAX 2 476 Tu— 0 Mar 0000/00     25/26   A BO@ A@  /5 Do not cross t@e ambodia/T(ailand or Cambodia/Laoq bopd—rq b9 any sprface route. The area inside Cambodia along the border with Thailand is especially danferous. Do not enter Cambodia at Koh Kong by —oat froI T@Ailan— It is illegal. Visitors entering by that route will be eined and may have difficulty in International Airport. Travel h—adlineq 430 Front page 100 2 NAws @ea—r Weat@—r IAin Menu
P476 AX 2 47& Tue 0 Mar 2p:00/0!     26/26   A BOD A (13/p /97) 5/5 Travellers to Cambodia w@ose jourley will involve ov—rflight of Afghanistan should be aware that t@ere are threats from Hilitary activity to civil aircraft@overflying Afghanistan using roatec@V$-8, A46-, G202 and V848. Some airli.es continue to use these rOutes. Ot@erc iLclu@ilg aLH British carriers, use alternative routes, V876 an— V500, On w@ich t@e threat is asr—sr—— as HinhEal. Check direct eit@er wit@ travel aFelts or airlilec, g@ich routes individual airlines are using. Travel headlines 430 Front page 100 FCO 3 News Heads Weat@—r Main Menu