P736 CEEFAX 736 Sun 9 Apr 02:21/04   1/4      DIRECTIVE THREATENS SWANS' SAFETY Swans living at Mistley in Essex are in danger of starving because of a Europdan directiveN A Europdan ruling means waspe from a malting plant can not be pumped into the riverN The waste from the plant is the only source of food for the swans which are in danger of starving The National Rivers Authority is currently rethinking the process to allow some waste to be discharged into the river for the swansN  Read Hear 710 Commqnhty 720 NatTrust1 Diary CmntyInfo Religion
P736 CEEFAX 736 Sun 9 Apr 02:25/02   2/4      RESCUED LIONS TAKEN TO BRITISH FARM Two lions have been rescued from a Spanish holiday island where they spent years in crampfd cages. The lions, which were kept in cages of 9ft by 6ft, are to be kept at a farm in Kent where five lions are already livingN Animal lovers managed to raise £50,000 to bring the lions over from TenerifeN Virginia McKenna, who set up the Born Free Foundation, persuaded the Spanish authorities to let the lions go  NatTrust1 Diary CmntyInfo Religion
P736 CEEFAX 736 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/02   3/4      LEAD-FREE PETROL LAUNCHED IN INDIA Lead-free petrol and cars with catalytic converters have been launched in IndiaN It is part of a new campaign to clean-up the air in New Delhi. Some factories have had to move from the capital because of the pollution US SALMON STOCKS GREATLY DEPLETED The Pacific Fishery Management Council has called for a limit on the amount of salmon caughtN Numbers of the coho salmon off the coast of Washington and Oregon are still well below normal  NatTrust1 Diary CmntyInfo Religion
P736 CEEFAX 736 Sun 9 Apr 02:36/01   4/4      FALCON NUMBERS INCREASE IN 30 YEARS Numbers of the peregrine falcon have nearly doubled since the 1950s and 0860sN There are now believed to be more than 1,280 breeding pairs which had been decimated by the effects of toxic chemicals over 30 years ago. ISLANDERS 'JLL MAKE WAY FOR LOGGERS People on the Pavuvu Island, north- west of the Solomon Islands, are to be resettled against their wishesN They will be making way for loggers to move in and strip the land of its timberN  NatTrust1 Diary CmntyInfo Religion