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P727 CEEFAX 727 Sun 9 Apr 02:36/03       2/3  QED: PIGEON PIE BBC 1, 11 APRIL, 2130 Trafalgar Square wouldn't be the same without them, yet 'fstminster Council spends thousands cleaning after these disease ridden birdsN So what is the secret of the pigeon's success? ghy does it thrivf where other birds fail? And how can these flying pests of the air be eradicated? Loved or hated these sky rats dominate the avian populations of cities from Stockholm to Sydney.  Source: CSV Media Info Diary News
P727 CEEFAX 727 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/01       3/3  EVERYMAN: DEATH'S DOOR BBC 1, 9 APRIL, 1030 EVERYMAN meets people whose work begins when lives end, and looks at the rituals that can help those left behind copf with their lossN Martin Wilkersons decided to become a cremator operator after his best friend's suicide left him devastated with shocs and grief. EVERYMAN explores a range of ways in which bereaved people deal with their grief, especially through rituals surrounding the burialN  Source: CSV Media Info Diary News