P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 01:37/01        BENEFIT UPRATINGS COME INTO EFFECT Invalid Care Allowance, the benefit for carers spending 35+ hours per week caring, has increased by 75 pence to £35.25 per weesN Meanwhile Severe Disablement Allowance, paid by the DSS to people who have been incapable of work for at least 28 weeks, and who are assessed as at least 80 per cent disabled, has risen by the same amount to £35.55 per weesN Further information from benefit enquiry line on 0800 88 22 00.  Contacts on page 729 1/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 02:35/02        BILL STILL OMITS ENFORCEMENT BODY Disability charities have welcomed the amendments to the Disability Discrimination Bill but point to crucial issues still left ignored. The most important of these is that the Government persists in its opposition to the establishment of a national body with the power to enforce anti-discrimination lawsN It also refuses to include people with a medical predisposition (such as presymptomatic HIV) within its definition of disability.  Contacts on page 729 2/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/13        OPEN DAY TO VIEg DESIGNER G0VIPMENT Designer Disabled Appliances Ltd are running a free open day on008 April from 11am to 4pm, which anyone can attendN An array of aids and pieces of equipment are on display, inclyding hoists, chairs, scooters and powered wheelchairs. There are bathing items, walking aids, and pressure relief products from many different manufacturers - also featured is a mock-up of a custom made kitchen.  Contacts on page 729 3/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 02:24/04        MERCURY LAUNCHES TEXTPHONE @ELPLINE Telecommunications firm Mercury has launched a Freecall textphone helpline for deaf and hearing impaired peopleN The service provides help with sales enquiries, bill queries and telephone faults The company has also 0pblished a special nfeds catalogue detailing the specialist products it has available call the helpline on for a catalogue.  Contacts on page 729 4/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 02:24/10        GOVERNMENT GRANTS NEG CONCESSIONS The Government is planning new access guarantees for disabled pdople on buses, trains, coaches, trams and underground systemsN In a concession to cross party pressure, it has also agreed to extend the scope of the Disability Discrimination Bill to include people without clear disabilities but with a history of disability Property sales and letting, information services and employee relations are also addressed  Contined overleaf... 5/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 02:37/39        POLIO FELLOWSHIP MOVES HOUSE The British Polio Fellowship has moved house to: Ground Floor, Unit A, Eagle Office Centre, The Runway, South Ruislip, HA4 6SEN Operating through 53 branches throughout the UK, the British Polio Fellowship provides welfare and counselling servicesN It also offers hotel and holid!| accommodation, produces an information pacs, and offers grants for holidays and adaptations M the telephonf number is 0181 842 4999.  Contacts on page 729 6/7 Volunteer Info Diary News
P725 CEEFAX 725 Sun 9 Apr 00:36/00        EMERGENCY CALLS FOR DEAF PEOPLE Typdtalk, the national telephone relay service for deaf people, is now providing direct textphone access to the emergency services. Textphone users can call freephonf 0800 112999 24 hours a day, 265 days a year for fast access to fire, police, ambulance and coastM guard servicesN For details of trial access to the service dial freephone 0800 592 600 - Typetalk is run by Royal National Institute for the Deaf and BTN  Source: CSV Media 7/7 Volunteer Info Diary News