P690 CEEFAX 690 Sun 9 Apr 02:21/11  1/4    BBC Select is a night-time TV service for specialist audiences All programmes are available to everyone and can be recorded simply by tuning in to BBC2. No decoding equipment or subscription are necessaryN The times given in television listings are the actual times and "nights" of transmission. As they are transmitted after l—dnight, xoy need to set your video for the following "day". IE: to record 'fdnesday night's BENEFITS AGENCY, set your video for Thursday 0400M0415.  BBC1 TV BBC2 TV Reg Vari Reg Vari
P690 CEEFAX 690 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/02  2/4    BBC Select transmissions in wees beginning night of Monday 10 April 'FD 0400-0415 Benefits Agency 0500-0600 VSTV  BBC1 TV BBC2 TV Reg Vari Reg Vari
P690 CEEFAX 690 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/30  3/4    BENEFITS AGENCY TODAY 'fd/Thu 12/13 April BBC2 0400-0415 This month the stories come from the South East. The team visits Harrow office to see how two AA's have usdd new technology to tackle the paper mountain Talking Shop focuses on BA's plans for the future and they travel to Woolwich to look at the work of a team of life events officersN  BBC1 TV BBC2 TV Reg Vari Reg Vari
P690 CEEFAX 690 Sun 9 Apr 02:35/01  4/4    VOLUNTARY SECTOR TELEVISION +fd/Thu 12/13 April BBC2 0500-0600 This month on VSTV: interviews with David Carrington and Alison 'fst, a look at the new National Volunteering Helpline. There's a reminder to get ready for Volunteer's 'fes, and a volunteer talks back about the Job Seeker's Allowance. Plus, videos from the Charity Commission and the Immigration Advisory ServiceN VSTV is now repeated weesly from 5am to 6am every Thursday, with the last programme subtitled. To find out more phone 0171 637 4747.  BBC1 TV BBC2 TV Reg Vari Reg Vari