P313 CEEFAX 313 Sun 9 Apr 02:37/10  1/2  FOOTBALL: SUNDAY  FIXTURES  FA CUP (sponsored by Littlewoods Pools) Semi-finals Tottenham v Everton 1.30 Elland Road Manchester Utd v Crystal Pal 4N00 Villa Park FA CARLING PREMIERSHIP Liverpool v Leeds Utd 3.00 KONICA LEAGUE OF WALES Maesteg Park v Inter Cardiff 3.00  Football 302 General 320 Cricket 340 Prem Res FA Cup D1 Review PremTable
P313 CEEFAX 313 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/30  2/2  FOOTBALL: PREMIERSHIP  TEAM NEWS  LIVERPOOL v LEEDS UNITED Teenager Mark Kennedy waits to find out whether he will make his first Liverpool appearance in place of Stig Inge Bjornebye (broken leg).  The £2 million former Millwall winger is vying with Mars Walters for the vacant place in an otherwise unchanged line-upN Leeds full-back Gary Kelly may lose his ever-present record for the season due to a groin strain.  Teenager Andy Couzens stands by to take over with winger David ghite likely to be on the benchN N Prem Res FA Cup D1 Review PremTable