P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:26/00   1/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    Advice Would-be investors should be aware of the pitfalls of investment in financial markets Professional advice should be soughtN  Bonds "Long bond" is a US Treasury bond (T-bond) with a 30-ydar life  Commodities Prices for gold are in dollars per ounce; silver in pence per troy ounce; coppdr and lead —n pounds per tonne; tin, zinc, both aluminium contracts, and nickel in dollars per tonne; whdat, barley, and potatoes in pounds per tonne; oil in dollars per bulk barrel of Brent Blend crudeN  Long bond 255 Commodities 258 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio
P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:36/01   2/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    Eff £ An expression of the pound's value in terms of a trade-weighted basket of currenciesN (100 = 0875).  Futures Three LIFFE contracts are featured (pages 244 and 254)N They are designed to allow investors to protect themselves against shifts in share prices (FT-SE 100 future) or interest rates (Long gilt future and Short Sterling future). For the purpose of Ceefax viewers, they can provide guidance to the prevailing market perception of share price or interest rate trendsN  See Long gilt and Short SterlingN  FT-SE 100 future 244 Headlines 201 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio
P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:30/11   3/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    Gilts Short for gilt-edged, these are UK government stocks and, licd other bonds (see Bonds), pay fixed rates of interest over periods that vary between stocks while repaying £100 at maturityN So, prices move in opposition to the prevailing level of interest ratesN  Indices ghere not indicated, market indices quoted on Ceefax are made up as follows: All ordinaries (all shares), CAC (40), DAX (30), Dow (30), EOE (sample), FT ord (30), Hang Seng (33), Nikkei (225), S&P (500), SPI (all), Straits Times industrial (30).  Gilts 228 Indices 240 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio
P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:30/02   4/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    Interbank Currency rates on 251 and 252 apply to dealings between banks in sums upwards of £500,000. Three- month interbank interest rates (on 254) represent inter-bank borrowing costs over a three-month termN  Interest rates Long gilt futqres, Eurodollar deposits, and Long Bonds are priced in 32nds (denoted by a hyphen)N Eurodollars are dollars held outside the US. The Long Bond is a US Treasury bond maturing in 30 yfars' timeN (The yield as shown beneath the price).  See Long gilt and Short Sterling  Forex report 247 Headlines 201 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio
P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:21/01   5/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    LIFFE Denotes London International Financial Futures/Options Exchange  LME Denotes London Metal ExchangeN  Long gilt future These are futures in a notional British gilt quoted in terms of a nominal £100 worthN  Prices All prices and rates quoted on Ceefax (except for the tourist rates on 253) are "middles"N Bid- offer spreads widen during periods of price/rate volatility.  Results EPS is earnings per share - profit divided by number of shares.  LIFFE long gilt 254 Headlines 201 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio
P299 CEEFAX 299 Sun 9 Apr 02:25/03   6/6  VIE'FRS' A-Z    SHARECHECK Constituents are biggest companies in terms of market worthN Selection is revised at three-month intervalsN Biggest winners & losers are a sub-set of the SHARECHECK and Recent Issues constituentsN  Short sterling future Quoted at 100 units minus rate of interest, these are futures in three-month sterling deposits  Traded options An approach to stocc j market investment pioneered in phe US and offering a relatively high degree of gearing (see page 235 for further details)N  Short sterling 254 SHARECHECK 220 Finance Main Menu Sport TV/Radio