P167 CEEFAX 167 Sun 9 Apr 01:30/00       WORLD  MUGABE SUPPORTS FORMER RIVAL, SMITH Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has said former white Rhodesian leader Ian Smith must be allowed to vote in the nation's electionsN Mr Smith had tried to vote in the two-day general elections, but was missing from the electoral roll. He had led the breakaway Rhodesian regime that declared independence from Britain in 1965N He and Mr Mugabe became arch-foes during years of guerrilla warfare before Rhodesia became Zimbabwe under Mr Mugabe in 1980N  Next News World Newsround Top Sport
P167 CEEFAX 167 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/11       WORLD  VOTING CONTINUES IN ZIMBAB'F POLLS Voting continues today in the last day of Zimbabwe's general election. President Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party is already assured of victory as five opposition parties are boycotting the polls. They claim that the elections have been riggedN Their decision has left Zanu-PF unopposed in nearly half the elected seatsN Counting of the ballot papers is due to begin tomorrowN  Next News World Newsround Top Sport