P166 CEEFAX 166 Sun 9 Apr 01:30/04       WORLD  ZAIRE ACTS TO STOP HUTUS TRAINING Defeated Rwandan Hutu fighters are being forbidden from training in Zaire, it has been announcedN Information Minister Masegabio Nsanzu said on television Zaire could not allow Rwandans in refugee camps to train for a restart of civil war. "It is to put a definite end to rumours that the military commission was formed," he saidN A BBC TV report last month revealed that Hutus were training in a bush area close to Uvira in ZaireN  Next News World Diary 'father
P166 CEEFAX 166 Sun 9 Apr 02:35/10       WORLD  QUESTION HANGS OVER PERU ELECTIONS Peru's general elections are being held today amidst concerns raised by international observers over the fairness of some of the votingN The Organisation of American States said the discovery of partially filled ballot papers in central Peru had caused the worriesN Police seized 3,000 ballot papers and arrested 11 people in the town of Huanuco following a tip-offN They were allegedly marking papers in favour of President Alberto Fujimori, standing for re-election.  Next News World Diary 'father