P164 CEEFAX 164 Sun 9 Apr 01:33/13       WORLD  POLICE SEARCH HOMES OF NATO CHIEF Belgian police havf searched the homes of Nato Secretary-General 'jlly Claes in their inquiry into claims of government corruptionN An Italian firm is alleged to have paid bribes to secure a government defence contract in the 1980s. Mr Claes was Belgian Finance Minister at the time. Mr Claes said he gave permission for the searches because he wanted to cooperate fully with the inquiry and has denied any wrongdoing.  Home 110 Politics 130 World 160 Next News World Diary Finance
P164 CEEFAX 164 Sun 9 Apr 02:34/00       WORLD  ISRAELI/SYRIAN TALKS "SOME WAY OFF" The United State's peace envoy to the Middle East says fresh talks between Israel and Syria are still some way offN Dennis Ross's comments came after a second meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzah RabinN His meeting with Mr Rabin followed talks in Damascus with Syrian President Hafez al—AssadN There have been no details of the meetings, but Mr Ross was expected to press for a resumption of talks between the two countriesN  Next News World Diary Finance