P217 CEEFAX 217 Fri 6 Oct 19:20/11   1/2     Twelve nuns who locked themselves in a shed with 5,000 chickens have won a temporary reprieve for the hens. The chickens were due to be slaughtered after salmonella was foundN A man has appeared in court accused of starting a fire at a sweet factory in Stockport which caused damaff estimated at £1 million. He was remanded in custody until next week. Mrs Doris Nicklin, 84, has threatened to go on hunger strike if Dorset County Council goes ahead with plans to close the old 0fople's home in Bournemouth where she lives. News index 102/202 More Next News NewsIndex Newsflash BBC2 TV
P217 CEEFAX 217 Fri 6 Oct 19:21/01   2/2     The Department of Health is advising people not to take any medicines containing germanium. It says there is evidence that large doses can cause serious dam!ff to health. Thf London Hospital in the East End has carried out its first heart transplant on a man given only days to live. The transplant was paid for by charitable donations. Trading standards officers in Birmingham who tested 208 pints of beer in the city, found only one of them came up to a full measure. News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219 Next News NewsIndex Newsflash BBC2 TV