P2a6 CEEFAX 206 Sat 1 Apr 00:01/00   0b(55b(55j5   -,,! ,,%  ££!£££!!£! A two-year-old boy had his arm torn off by a chimp wd—n he tried to stroke it at Lympnd Zoo near Folkestone in Kent. Matthew McDaid was taken by helicopper to the plastic strgery unht at a Sussdx hospital, but surgeons were unable to sew his forearm back on. Kee0—rs used a tranquilliser dart to stuf th— chimp s th—y coqld retrieve the arm. A spokesman said it was unlikely t—d anhmal would be destroyed. Shepway Disprict Council, responsible for health and safety ap phd xoo, sAys an inrespigation has already begun. News hndex 102/002 Newsreel 009/20 Next News NewsIndex Newsreel Top Sport