P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:00/10  1/6    CITROEN XM  Citroen's long-awaited replacement for its big, stylish but relatively un- successful CX has been unveiled. The XM represents part of the PSA group's challenge to the hold on the west European executive car lbrket by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It is taking on a remarkably good and dug-in line-up, but Citroen reckons the XM can succeed in the £20,000-plus bracket for a number of reasons. The XM looks the part, but this is not necessarily the lbgic ingredient.  More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:01/21  3/6      CITROEN XM  The suspension system on the XM is said by Citroen to be the most advanced. A computer reacts to changes in the dynamics of the driver's movements, the steering wheel angle and vehicle speed to adjust the suspension settings. The company says that although the system is fitted to only the top XM models, the existing hydropneumatic suspension on others is improved. But anti-lock brakes are found only on the top XMs and automatic transmission is for some reason not available.  More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:00/11  4/6      CITROEN XM  The XM comes as a hatchback, five-door design and is front-wheel drive at no less than 02.5ft long. It will be offered at first in eight versions with three trim levels and a choice of five engines. Two four-cylinder, two litre petrol engines with 005bhp or 130bhp, a V6 of three litres with 170bhp output, and multi-valve diesel units with 83bhp and a turbo-charged 110bhp will be offered. The XM goes on sale in France in May but will not reach the UK until autumn.  More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:01/10  2/6   */.%*m-./*% /*%s{5 CITROEN XM  The new Citroen looks at first glance like that wonderful and rare product of the 1960s, the Maserati-engined two- door SM. So lovers of Citroen eccentricity worried about the flattening influence of PSA can be reassured L the new flagship continues the tradition of appearance as well as technical advances with some flair. Citroen says the top versions of the XM will have "hydractive suspension", an electronic edition of the existing hydropneumatic suspension system.  More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:01/10  5/6    CITROEN XM  Sales of the big CX in Britain have been sluggish, partly because of the reputation that older Citroens are difficult and expensive to lbintain. $he company maintains that the XM is designed to overcome this despite its sophisticated electronics; a plug-in diagnostic system has been fitted to direct lfchanics to any problem. Citroen, which has enjoyed a remarkable renaissance in this country with its ljd-range BX, hopes to sell up to 10,000 XMs in a xfar, double that of recent CX sales.  More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Sat 1 Apr 00:13/10  6/6     Edited by CITROEN XM Ian Royce Despite the freshness of the new XM, Citroen is bound to have problems moving the £20,000-plus XM through the showrooms in this country. The Bertone design of the big car may have erred on the side of pleasing Citroen fans a little too much. It has gone too far in trying to preserve Citroen character - to the possible detriment of sales. The success of the BX was a clever combination of Citroen appeal and convention. The XM does not have this. Column updated on Saturdays More 2 'ng!9s Leisure Consumer TV Index