P7df CEEFAX 7DF Tue 15 Nov 20:11/00 |B2201205|a17Issues4|i14Text|m10BBC EDUC ATION|s—92÷e÷b TELEVISION AUTUMN #### ## ISSUES PAKISTAN - DEMOCRACY AT LAST ## PDM U per Secondary BBC TN 12.30-12.55pm RMN 35-1.00pm ON of Pakistan will be taking part in only their T country's troubled history dates back to B h colony in the sub-continent of I TBEI nearly two centurys through it's  nd through the administrative system it had built up. ghen the  s now India and Pakistan forced the Brit ish to leave they  their society and replace the old colon ial system. T alling the trauma of 'partition', when P akistan  state. Millions of people fled from I
P7df CEEFAX 7DF Tue 15 Nov 20:00/03 |B2202205|a17Issues4|m343D India, as fig hting broke out in the|s—92÷e÷b  ft behind by the British. P left without any Civil Service and with no tradition of  nt. The one thing they did have was a v ery  at eventually stepped in to help run  country. OP akistan faced was how to cope with the oundaries of the country. West Pakistan was divided from East Pakistan I - and the two halves of the country wer e over 1000 miles apart. M lth was in East Pakistan but all of the power was in West PE the people in East Pakistan rebelled, an d with the IA set up an independent country M Banglade sh. P eat by India, and the army called on the  leader to help restore the country. Z ikar Ali Bhutto became Prime Minister in
P7df CEEFAX 7DF Tue 15 Nov 20:20/11 |B2203205|a17Issues4|m3810or, as he had promised, he helped the Army to rebuild its power.|s—92÷e÷b T l divided as the richer and stronger pro vince of the P the rest of Pakistan. The end result w as that  red. EA y from Bhutto and put their own Chief of SGZH He put a stop to political  the Army and refused to hold free elect ions.  - 1 - I ak for Pakistan the final straw came whe n a war N er. The Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan  ho would be friendly to the Soviet U . Pakistan had to cope with a flood of refugees who were trying to  m the war, and with the refugees came th e men who were fighting S et Army. The mufahadin fighters brought
P7df CEEFAX 7DF Tue 15 Nov 20:01/10 |B2204205|a17Issues4|m3BE8an's border re gion is now full of gunmen. More money| s—92÷e÷b  United States who wanted to make life ifficult for the Soviet Union in Afghani stan. On top of all of this the  who had been involved in producing illeg al drugs in Afghanistan, H in, now moved into Pakistan to carry on their criminal  T , General Zia, had supported the Afghan rebels and had been US pport for Pakistan. But this year Zia w as  n his plane. Who will take over from Z a? A general election will be held thi s month and the two main parties  Islamic Democratic Alliance led by Zia' s former Prime Minister MJ and the Pakistan People's Party led by Z ulfikar Ali BBB utto. Pakistan now faces a crisis as it tries  by years of political repression. T
P7df CEEFAX 7DF Tue 15 Nov 20:00/04 |B2205205|a17Issues4|m3FB8ck to partitio n, and worries over|s—92÷e÷b  of armed gangs and drug mafias that have appeared since the A war. Will there be a free and fair elect ion, and will  ence to the lives of the ordinary people living PA ll the real power in Pakistan?  - 2 - 