P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:01/11 |B2201206|a15Sci04|i14Text|m10BBC EDUCAT ION|s—92÷e÷b RADIO AUTUMN SCIENC E FOR ALL #### ## SCIENCEFORALL series for less academically  14 to 16 year-olds - it will prove usefu l for GCSE work,  following modular science courses. T series (which should be recorded off air ) consists of linked pairs of  , and each pair is coupled with an inexp ensive colour workbook H ons Publishing PLC. (The five full-colo ur workbooks are H Publishing PLC, Bateman Street, Cambridg e CB2 1LZ NA of five books costs |—4.50). Each book is  grams, charts and photographs and  ns directly linked activities and experi ments. ## P revised transmission pattern AUTUMN 88 RADIO 4 FM C cs 1 and 2 22 and 29 September N
P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:11/00 |B2202206|a15Sci04|m343A 6 and 13 Octo ber|s—92÷e÷b V 20, rpt 27 October, 3 Nov ember F 10 and 17 November U ay 1 and 2 24 November and 1 December #### ## T is designed to be stopped at various  nts to enable students to carry out acti vities in the book. The second  azine-style programme with three or four related but discrete Y hoose to use the programme in its entire ty, or let  to a specific topic that fits in with th eir  T e suitable for: I nts using personal cassette players to d etermine  ng. S king at their own pace. NC e with the teacher largely determining p ace and selecting 
P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:11/13 |B2203206|a15Sci04|m3883 - 1 -|s—92÷e÷b THISWEEK and 17 November FEEDTHEWORLD I is programme, we consider the importance of improved food  ng methods and how this can help the Thi rd World. FEEDTHEWORLD UHT be stored and transported without refri geration; myco-protein  is highly nutritious; predators can be u sed instead of  se solutions to food shortages? ### # ## C and fabrics 1 T origin, manufacture and dyeing of fabric s, T he influence of cost, fashion and  social aspects is included. C bres and fabrics 2 N l dyes are compared; the making of polye sters is  its subsequent use in specialist clothin g. T Bradford woollen industry. N
P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:00/01 |B2204206|a15Sci04|m3C8F to CD gets this programme under way, and|s—92÷e÷b  we go via kitchens old and new to recycl ing of rubbish. N T amme looks in depth at aluminium smeltin g and how water from Ben N the process; the way in which modern mat erials have  nd, with a visit to the Castle Museum in York,  ed. V B , blood pressure, heart beat and pulse r ate are the topics  amme, and there is also a section on ast hma. V H work out what is wrong with us from the clues we give D ical, scientific process. We also disco ver the  tra-sound, and spend some time examining  aring is. U H loons, airships and aeroplanes illustrat e differenct principles  U
P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:00/00 |B2205206|a15Sci04|m4106A an airline pil ot through a day's work looks at how|s—9 2÷e÷b  out how an aircraft is maintained.  4#### ##  - 2 - RECORDING SCHOOL B2OADCASTS S colleges may record any broadcasts descr ibed in the Annual P ublished by the BBC for the Educational Broadcasting CI s and colleges may retain these programm es for  ee years from recording, subject to  ain conditions It is permissible for r esource centres designated by LEA cord, copy and circulate broadcasts to s chools. Full details of  ns are given in the leaflet RECORDING BB C EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES BBC Education, Villiers House, London W 5 2PA. I rticular school broadcast and failed for 
P7d0 CEEFAX 7D0 Tue 15 Nov 20:20/14 |B2206206|a15Sci04|m41477adio, Broadcast ing House, London W1A 1AA (telephone 01- 927 5821). A|s—92÷e÷b  der these circumstances is governed by t he recording  . #### ## SCIENCE FOR ALL Printed and published at the request of the A Educational Broadcasting Council for the United K m by BBC Books, a division of BBC Enterp rises LW odlands, 80 Wood Lane, London W12 0TT  First published 198 8 BBCE Limited 1988 ##  - 3 - 