P7bb CEEFAX 7BB Tue 15 Nov 20:10/01 |B2201202|a19FDate.DOC|i14Text|m10|s—92÷ e÷b DDOSFDATE TFDA TE utility for DOS 2.0 allows setting th e date and timestamps for  The syntax of the command is: FDATE W d time are optional and can appear in an y order. D yy. T I te or time or both are specified, the re spective  e directory entry for the file is set  propriately. If only one is specified, t he other is left with its  . If neither the date or time is specifi ed on the command  date and time stamps are set from the cu rrent DOS T he filename can include normal DOS 2.0 d rive and path specifications. W Although most cases of illegal date and time formats will be  t deemed worth the effort or memory to t ry and 
P7bb CEEFAX 7BB Tue 15 Nov 20:01/00 |B2202202|a19FDate.DOC|m33EC lead to hap py directory entries.|s—92÷e÷b NT e time recorded by DOS in the directory entry is kept in TWO o the second specified is truncated to a n even  X