P7b6 CEEFAX 7B6 Tue 15 Nov 20:01/01 |B21111|a17TXtest6|m10|j2X29This file te sts the DEC and DLC commands x26to alter the effect of table entries..This is pa rt of the file.....alter ||G (rede fine a string in lone table:There should follow 10 lower-case "a"'s then 10 stri ngs of "redefined":aaaaaaaaaa|rGDLS|f1x1 BUsing ESC-G to invoke |Ga9redefine daaaaaaaaaa every lower cAse "A" should be redefined As "redefined" if DEC hAs w orked. aaAAaa To redefine it AgAin:|Ga1a now a lower case a appears as a lower c ase a again. (we hope!):DLC does the sam e in the LONE table:|tGDLS now an upper- case g should invoke the DLS command:ten "b"'s:bbbbbbbbbbGb9redefined:now 10 str ings:bbbbbbbbbb then back to normalGb1b: bbbbbbbbbb|c