P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:10/11  1/6   SAAB CD RANGE Saab has moved lower in the executive car range with the introduction of its CDi at £15,495. At this price, the company has an entry in the area that includes the Thema ie Turbo and Volvo 740 GLE, and is cheaper than the BMW 520i. Saab's 9000 hatchback has been in the UK for about three years but a booted version appeared here only this year. This CD came with a turbocharger and leather and walnut trimmings that took the price tag to more than £22,000N  More 2 gn' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:20/14  4/6   SAAB CD RANGE There are a total of five new models in the 1989 CD range - the other new entry being a lower specification CD Turbo at £19,995. Saab expects that the new CDi and CDS will reach about 2,000 sales in 1989. CD, by the way, means "classic design", a reference to the traditional three- box style of the range. As if to emphasise the point, the back of the rear seat does not fold, though there is a "ski hatch" to a boot area which is one of the biggest on the market and opens to bumper level.  More 2 gn' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:13/10  2/6   SAAB CD RANGE The CDi, now the bottom of the CD range, is joined by the better-equipped CDS at £17,795. It has leather and walnut trim inside, with electric windows and an electric sunroof, but the same engine. The CD Turbo models remain and the CDE tops the range at £26,495. Saab has started to market its line-up in the UK with three distinct model ranges - the 900, 9000 and CD; the company wants the CD range to be seen as something more than "a booted 9000b.  More 2 gn' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:22/01  3/6   SAAB CD RANGE The new CDi and CDS use the familiar 1985cc, 16-valve engine of the 9000i, though uprated from 130 to 135bhp. Saab has come into some criticism for using a four cylinder engine while its competitors move forward with bigger and more refined engines. The company seems sensitive about this, arguing rather simplistically that its customers do not complain. But it will not be a surprise if Saab offers before long a compromise of the same snit with a bigger cubic capacity.  More 2 gn' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:01/00  5/6   SAAB CD RANGE The CDi, as with other Saabs, has a build quality which is at least equal to that coming out of West Germany. The outstanding aspect of the CDi is its superb ride and handling; the car seems imperturbable over even the worst of roads and the steering is quite simply one of the best around. Seat comfort is traditionally a strong Saab point and with the "aircraft cockpit" design placing the controls within easy reach the whole package is something that fits the bill for a long journey.  More 2 gn' 9s Leisure Consumer TV Index
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 15 Nov 20:10/11  6/6   Edited by SAAB CD RANGE Ian Royce The equipment list on the CDi is not extensive and the windows and sunroof are manually operated. Performance figures are reasonable, with a top speed from the 135bhp unit put by Saab at 120mph and the 0-62mph time at 10 seconds. The engine feels smooth enough at low speeds but starts to sound a little harsh when put through its paces. And that extra punch is missing, detracting from what is otherwise a fine entry-level carriage. Column updated on Saturdays More 2 'n' 9s Leisure Consrlfr TV Index