P205 CEEFAX 205 Tue 15 Nov 20:01/00   1/2      Israel has said the Palestine National Council's declaration of a Palestinian state is a "smokescreen" for violence. The Israeli foreign ministry said the Palestinian acceptance of a UN resolution implying recognition of Israel used "double-talk" to obscure its advocacy of violence. A number of Arab states have already recognised the newly-proclaimed Palestinian state. But neither Syria nor Libya has yet given it full recognition. News index 102/202 More Next News NewsIndex Newsreel Top Sport
P205 CEEFAX 205 Tue 15 Nov 20:21/00   2/2  BACKGOUND   PLO chairman Mr Yasser Arafat has given his reaction to Israel's immediate rejection of the PLO's declaration of a Palestinian state. He said the PLO's statement contained moderation, flexibility and realism which the West had been urging the Palestinians to show. "The ball is now in the American court," said Mr Arafat. He said that if this new peace opening was rebuffed only God would know the outcome. News index 102/202 More