P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/13 |B2201208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m10—)........ .*.......*.......N.....................N ..........*.......<÷e÷eView Printer Driv ers to Write to Disc÷e÷eThe View word pr ocessor has a flexible interface between the÷edocument in the computer memory an d the printer to receive the÷eprinted te xtN This interface is provided by the p rinter driver÷ewhich is a machine code p rogram. It is loaded from disc with÷eth e command "printfr filename", whfre 'fil ename' is the name÷eof the machine code fileN The printer driver translates the View÷ehighlight codes into the appropri ate printer commands to achive÷esuch eff ects as underline, bold, superscript etc N The same View÷etext can therefore be printed on any one of a wide variety of÷ eprinters such as dot matrix, daisywheel or lasers without having÷eto make any c hanges to the orichnal textN These same printer÷edrivfrs can be qsed for printi ng output from Viewsheet and÷eViewst|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/21 |B2202208 Two printer drivers are providfd, STRIP and SPOOL, and are for÷ewriting View tex t to a disc file instead of to a printer N At÷efirst sight it might seem that th ey duplicate the action of the÷e*SPOOL c ommand but there are important differenc fsN STRIP is the÷emore complex of the t wo and will be described first.÷e÷eSTRIP can be ssed to generate an ASCII file o f the View text on÷edisc which can then be read into another word processorN Th e÷ereceiving processor can be Wordwise o r Interword, for example, on÷ethe Beeb, or the disc file can be transferred to a n PC/MSDOS disc÷efor reading into a word processor on the IBM PC.÷e÷eThe STRIP pr inter drivfr produces a disc file which differs from÷ethe *SPOOL method in four important respects:-÷e÷e—).........*..>. .....*.................................. ......*.......<÷e÷a1.÷cOnly thf tfxt is sent to the disc fileN *SPOOL, by÷e|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/01 |B2203208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m36C3÷ccompar ison, sends evfrything that is printed t o the÷e÷cscreen including the words "*SP OOL" and the View command÷e÷cscreen head erN Moreover, using View 3 the text can bd÷e÷cfiled without pagdbreaks by using the embedddd comland÷e÷c"PB OFF" at the top of the View document.÷e÷e÷a2.÷cAll View highlight codfs are stripped from t he textN ÷e÷cThdrefore, the View codes w ill not confuse the receiving÷e÷cprocess orN This does mean, however, that the c odes to÷e÷cproduce printer effects need to be reinserted on the÷e÷creceiving pro cessor.÷e÷e÷a3.÷cThe left margin is remo vedN This stops the margin from÷e÷cthe View document appdaring to the receiving processor as÷e÷ca sequence of typed spa ces at the beginning of each line. ÷e÷cI f the text should bd reformatted on the receiving÷e÷cprocessor, then any margin would be redistributed as÷e÷clarge gaps throughout the text.÷e÷c÷e÷cMargins |c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/05 |B2204208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m3A10are not normally typfd in on a wordprocessor but ÷e÷care generated at thd time of printin g.÷e÷e÷a4.÷cAll carriage returns occurri ng within paragraphs are÷e÷creplaced by spaces Two, or more, carriagd returns at÷e÷cthe end of paragraphs are sent as normalN ÷e÷e—)..... .. *.........*..... ..................................*....N . <÷eAction number 4 requires some expla nationN Most word processors÷edistingui sh between what are called "hard returns " and "soft÷ereturns"N A hard return is generated when the user presses the÷eRE $VRN keyN This hhght be at the end of a paragraph or at the end÷eof each line o f data in a table A soft return is gen erated by the÷eprocessor itself at thf e nd of each line of text within a ÷eparag raphN The processor can distinguish bet ween hard and soft÷ereturns and will mov e soft returns around should the text be ÷ereformattedN Hard returns will re|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:12/45 |B2205208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m3D6Elain unt ouched by reformatting.÷e÷eView, however , is slightly differentN In View, all r eturns are÷estored as the same character (&0D)N Hard and soft returns are÷edist inguished by the character following the return in the textN A÷esingle return f ollowed by a normal text character, whic h is not a÷espace, is treated as softN Single returns are generated by View at÷ ethe end of lines in paragraphs. Pressi ng RETURN twice at the end÷eof a paragra ph closes the paragraph and misses a lin eN View will÷enot move two or more retu rns which occur togftherN Two, or more, ÷ereturns, therefore, are treated as har d returns and will not be÷emovedN ghen typing tables into View, the single retu rns typed at÷ethe end of each line must be protected from being reformatted by÷e deleting the right margin marker from th e ruler at the top of the÷etable. ÷e÷ek hen View text is sent to disc by *SP|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/17 |B2206208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m410D2OOL all returns are filedN ÷eghen this file is read into the word processor to receive the text,÷eall returns will be treated a s hardN Therefore, the received View÷et ext appears as a long table with a hard return at the end of each÷elineN This t ext is very difficult to reformat. ÷e÷eT he printer driver STRIP overcomes this p roblem by replacing single÷ereturns by a spaceN Two or more returns are filed a s normal. ÷eParagraphs, therefore, are f iled as a single, long line of text÷ewhi ch is easily reformatted by the receivin g processor. ÷e÷eThere is one problemN Tables of data, and sequences of single line÷eentries such as addresses are also filed as one long line of text. ÷eThese need to be reformatted on the receiving processor by÷einserting hard returns at thf appropriate points.÷e÷eShould you r ead text back to View after it has been filed using÷eSTRIP, you will find th|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/31 |B2207208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m41434at View has not formatted the text as it was÷er ead in M another difference between View and other word÷eprocessors. The margin s givfn by the ruler will have been igno red÷eand each line of text will be the m aximum of 132 characters. A÷econsfquenc e of this that single returns will have been inserted by÷eView every 132 charact ers even if this splits a wordN On÷eref ormatting the text using the text w ill have some words÷esplit by spacesN T herefore, don't use STRIP if the text is to bf÷eread back into ViewN Use the pr inter driver SPOOL insteadN ÷e÷e÷e÷eThe printer driver SPOOL is similar to STRI P with the exception÷ethat all returns a re left intactN Tdis printer driver is usfful÷efor use with Viewsheet and Views tore to write disc files to be read÷eint o View.÷e÷eA final note on transporting files to discs for the IBM PCN Low÷ecos t commercial software is now availab|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/01 |B2208208|a16V/Info|i13M/C|m41795le to r ead and write MSDOS÷ediscs on BBC comput ers equipped with 1770 disc controllers, e.gN the÷eMaster 128, BU and any Model B with a 1770 interfaceN For furthfr÷ei nformation consult your local dealer or thf computing press.÷e|c
P729 CEEFAX 729 Wed 2 Mar 21:14/55 |B2208208 ead and write MSDOS÷ediscs on BBC comput ers equipped with 1770 disc controllers, e.gN the÷eMaster 128, BU and any Model B with a 1770 interfaceN For furthfr÷ei nformation consult your local dealer or thf computing press.÷e|c