P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/10    1/3                         THE PAGE FOR Diary........703 MICRO USERS $flesoftware.710 Contacts: $fle3fftware Jeremy Brayshaw CEEFAX BBC tv Centre Wood Lane London W12 7RJ
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/01   2/5    NN SILVER LINING   A Ministry of Defence report into last October's "hurricane" has said nobody can be blamed for the lack of warning. It recommends a new computer for the Met OfficeN Thf one in usf at the time underestimated the force of the winds and forecasters failed to allow for this, the report saysN The poor machine did not have much to go on. The last comparable storm in the south-east was in 1703N Data collection methods have changed a bit since thenN More   
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/10   3/5   NLN BLACK AND gHITE   St George's Hospital Medical School in London has admitted racial bias in the selection of studentsN Normally that sort of thing is difficult to prove, but in this case the bias was written into a computer program used to select applicants for interviews. It scored candidates on a variety of criteria, and just havhng a nonL European name could set you back 15 points. As many as 60 students a year are thought to have missed out on interviews.
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/10   4/5    N BLACK AND gHITE   ICI has come up with a new digital storage medium - paper. The material is written to and read by laser, and is (or will be) extremely cheap to useN Costs of a third of a penny per megabytd are being bandied aroundN It can also hold enough information to make CD OMNA reel of the stuff could contain the equivalent of 500 mhllion A4 pagesN It is expected to be of particular interest to people like NASA, who collect ovfr two terabytes of data from satellites every day.
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/10   5/5    NN BEHIND BARS   Nearly 2,000 US offenders are serving their sentences at home, under computerised house arrest. Each one wears a tag the size of a cigarette lighter strapped around the neckN Is sends a signal to a computer via a cellular phone networkN During the day the "prisoners" go to work normally, but at night the computer checks at random intervals to make sure they are at homeN In some cases the offenders even pay a daily fee for the privilegeN