P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/20 1/23  NEED TO      $5//f5     News and  features for  the deaf & hard  of hdaring  Edited by  Jen Robdrts  Updatfd 27.2 88   Diary Dates  on 292 
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/10  2/23  NEED TO   Workrights. A new guidd for deaf pdople about righds and ideas at work is published this week by the RNIDN The leaflet, "Putting Ideas to Work", sets out the range of tdchnical aids, services and good practices that can help deaf pfople at workN The leaflet covers: khat assistance a deaf person has a right to get, wherd to get it and what can be done by emplo9drs to help ddaf people use their talents to the fullN More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:21/52  3/23  NEED TO   "Hutting Ideas to Work" - a nfw guide for deaf people about rights and sfrvices at workN The leaflet looks at job interviews; the Job Introduction Scheme, finding out about your new job; training at work; and at work itselfN It also covers the role of thf union; promotion; action and further helpN If you would like a copy to show to your employer write to the RNID, 105 Gower Street, London WC1E 6AH. Telephone: 01-387 8033N Morf
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00  4/23  NEED TO   If you feel you would prefer to talk to someone about your rights at woru then contact the RNID's Regional OfficersN Stephen Craddock, 4 Church Road, Edgbaston, BirminghamN $fl:021 455 6835 Billy Lambdrt, 102 Manchestfr Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 1PQ Tel: 061 881 2242 Colin Thomson Clarendon Chambers, 32 Clarendon Street, Nottingham MG1 5JDN dl: 0602 475163N Mal Crookes, North Parade House, North Parade, Bath BA2 4AL N Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/13  5/23  NEED TO   Sports news - table tennisN Training se3rhons are due to co-Tence shortly in preparation for the World G!les Players are being sought who will commit themselves to thesd sessions and have the ability to improve their standard of play. It would be appreciated if those interested in representing Great Britain would compete in thd forthcoming championshipsN These will be held in Barnsley on March 19 Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:06/03  6/23  NEED TO   Table tennis championshipsN Invitations have been received from +fst GermanyN These will be staged in Mannheim from May 26-30N Invitations have also been received from Dublin for June 4-5N Players selected will be responsible for the cost of travelN The hosts will provide accommodation and mealsN If interestdd contact R Daley, 17 Issott Street, Honeywell, Barnsle8 S71 1QFN
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/21  7/23  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Clear Hearing Holidays Schirstan Wilson has prevhously arranged holidays for hearing-impairfd pfople and this year he is extdnding holidays to the Continent. Five-day breaks in Valkenburg, Holland April 18 (Tour No.1) and May 9 (Tour No.2) £129 per personN These breaks include travel by l0xury coach, four nAghts hotel accommodation with breakfast and evening meals. Also included are two full-day tours and ferry cro3rhng plus a "Clear Hearing" courier at all timesN
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/10  8/23  NEED TO   Clea— Hearing Hnlid!8sN GermaV8 M tour of the R—ine Valle8. £129 pdb pdrson, departs Ocdober 18. Thd Rhine Valley holiday whll bd centred on Kamp BornhofenN Included in the price of the holhday will be four nights accommodation with breakfast and eveFhng mdalsF Also included is luxury coach traved, ferry crossings and courier on thd coach at all pimes and in thd same hotel Contact Schirstan Wilson, 1-8 Thf Marlens, Knyveton Road, BournelFuth Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00  9/23  NEED TO   ££! " £" £"££"££"£ £ Request from "See HearbN "Aee Hear" is very interested tn hear from any view—ps who have started their own business u3—lg thd MSC Enterprise Scheme If you can help please contact Researcher, Terry RileyN His address is8 "See Hear" Room 311 BBC Villiers Ho5rd Ealing Broadway London W5N More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/03  10'23  NEED TO   Thf Anhcorn Dhdatre for Children is interestdd in setting up a deaf drama clubN This club will bd for deaf and hearing imp!hqed children aged 7 11N Members of the club will play visual galdc, do mask work and make exchting usd of Sign LanguageN If you know of any child who would enjoy these activities thfn thd first meeting of the club will be on March 12, 1200-1600N Cost is £2N Contact Sarah Scott and Caroline Parker at thd theatre 6/7 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JB. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/11  11/23  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ Letters - Gladys Clarke from Lancs "A few months ago I read on NNTS that there would shortly be subtitled video tapds? "Can you tell me mord please?" * Yes Subtitled tapes should be available in May from various libraries The tapes are bding prfpared by the National Subtitling Library for Deaf People To find out which libraries stock them and the titles available, write to the National Subtitling Library at PO Box 7 Bredbury, Stockport SK6 1DAN More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:11/00  12/23  NEED TO   Letters - Simon Fishdr from LondonN "I and my wife watched a tfleviqdon programme recently gf the Ginter Olympics for thf Disabled "We thought that those who took part were great sports pdopleL but w— co0dd not sfe any deaf ski-ers thereN Is this because they haven't been filmed yet? " d know there are lots of deaf sports pdople and many of them pl!8 well b0t ard not accdpted in professional sports "I wonder why this is? Are they not good enou£h? ghat does ever8one elqd thi."?"
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:12/02  13'23  NEED TO   Letters M Mr A G L Kent from YorkshireN "Regarding Pearl Marsden'1 lettdr abo0t colours usdd for subtitling..N "It would not be sufficient to mdrely dedicate one colour to men and anodher to womenN " d wo0ld nnt know which man/woman was spdakingN d must have different colours for each individual "In big films where there is an enormous cast, often the least important characters ard subtitled in white..."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:12/00  14/23  NEED TO   Often, in films, less important characters are subtitled in whiteF "This is all vdry well, but whenever a group of these people ard together they are still subtitled in wHHteN "Sometimes this is co&fusing The problem can only be solved by having different colours for each person "Ha6—lg said that, when there are a number of people together I do somedimes find it dhfficult rdmembering which colour belongs to which person."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:13/14  15/23  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ Mr A G L Kent replies to Mrs Marsden's recent comDdnts on subtitles "And I also am annoydd by Americani3Ds where people say "gonna" and "wannabN "Evdn if pdople do actually talk likd this, I would prefer that thd su titles use propfr EnglishN "At least ddaf people can have the slang on their subtitles cleaned up. But I believe that if accents are prdd these should bd subditled as spoken." Ghat do the rest of you dhinc? Do you want your subtitles "doctored" or dg you want thd language as it is spoke.
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:14/00  16/23  NEED TO   "££"££"£ £ A viewer's personal experience related to Sign Languagd v Oraliqd..N "I am a deaf pdrsonN chdn I was a yo0ng boy I wedt to a dfaf school where I used Sign Language qntil I was 11 "My parents moved housf and so I was sent to another schoolN "Thd headD—2tdr there told E8 parents that I must learn lip-reading and they agrfed with him "It was qsdf1l to use with my parents but sometimes I was frustrated because I couldn't qnddrstand what a lot of words I was using mdant."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:15/00  17/23  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ A viewer's pdrsonal experhence rflated to Sign Languagd v Oralism..F "Whdn I left sc(Nol I went to Slough dfaf alub and was ver8 happy to use Sign Languagd thdreN "I married a deaf girl but we werd divobced later I was very londly "I met a few deaf people in Basi&f2poke but I couldn't communicate with thdm becausd they didn't use SIgn Language "I use lip-reading o& a one-to-one basis but when a few peopld are tal!hng togethdr I can't unddrstand conversation and it is frustrating."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:14/10  18'23  NEED TO   A viewer's personal expfrience rdlated to Sign Languagd v Oralism..N "I went to evdFhng cl!rrds and met a lot of hearing people who wanted to learn Qign Language "Meeting the sdudents has helpdd me a lotN "I believe every school in any area must havd a tdachfr who can use ign Lang5 gdN "I know my parents made a mistake with meN My father says that he realises I need Sign Lang5—ge and should have had it as a child " Mr C TempleN
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:16/00  19/23  NEED TO    £"££"££"£ £ Lettdrs Mi1s M Gray "An elderly relation had tn go into a residential home afder a stay in hospital "Fortunately, the GP fo0nd a place b0t I am not good at thinking of the right questions to ask in such a satuation "I had been told the fee 'covered everything' but my relation had to buy an armchair bddtable, commode and pay extra for personal laundry "I would have accepted these extras with much better grace if I had known of them bffore accepting thd vacancy."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:17/02  20/23  NEE@ TO   Miss M Gray recently found herself having to pay out for a lot of extras whdn a relation went into a homfN "Later on I discovered that social workers can give helpful advice in such situations. "An9nne wanding advice should try the SEN "I struck lucky with three who all seemed to know how to talk to hard-of "Deaf pdople Ehght perhaps ask the worker to write down replies or takd an interpreter with them."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:18/00  21/  NEED TO    Hobbies - Mrs C Stalham from Surre8. "Here's another hobby absorbing, introduction to relatives and travels abroadN "chat is it? Genealogy "I began this hobby in my tdens and it's bden an intdrest off and on ever sinceN "As a result of this intdrest I have vasited many relations in Australia, Canada, Finland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and thd UK itself." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/05  22/23  NEED TO   Mrs C Stalham's hobby is genealogyN "It is a real incentive to the study of history and geographyN "It also allows you to form wondfrful friendships with far-flung relativesN "Correspondence whrh them is a real pleasure and their visits to us are always a treatN "Discovering who one's forebeardrs were is absolutely fascinating." grite and let us know what your hobbies or interests areN Address follows..N
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/40  23/23  NEED TO   Write to NNTS with your news, views and informationN NNTS, Room 7013, BBC Television Centre, London, W12 7RJ. Subtitling comments to: 2oom B103, BBC Centre House, Wood Lanf, London, '12 7RJN 2oom 4168, Broadcasting House, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow.