P289 CEEFAX 289 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/12   1/3      The books reviewed were: And A Voice To Sing With by Joan Baez (Century £12.95) Joan Baez was the conscience of the hippie generation. At her height, she was able to persuade President Carter to send in the American fleet to rescue Vietnam's boat peopleN Her memoirs range over her rich love life and her visit to Hanoi during saturation bombing by the Americans.  M    More
P289 CEEFAX 289 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00   2/3      The books reviewed were: Ice Candy Man by Bapsi Sidhwa (Heinemann £11.95)N A comicMtragic novel of India. It centres on the bfautiful Hindu Ayah and is told by an eight-year-old girl in her charge Path to the Silent Country by Lynne Reid Banks (Penguin £2.95) Charlotte Bronte's late taste of success and fulfilment after the enormous fame of Jane EyreN      More
P289 CEEFAX 289 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/03   3/3 M     The books reviewed were: The Landscape of the Brontes by Arthur Pollard with photographs by Simon McBride (Webb and Bower £14.95) The profound attraction of the Bronte sisters brings thousands of visitors to Yorkshire every year. This book is filled with photographs which attempt to capture the Bronte spirit and show the places that feature in the great novelsN      More