P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/00  1/20       The latest Food and Drink Book, a BBC publication, is now available in the shops price £4.95N Food and Drink factsheets are available in print or braille as follows: Single factsheets M 60p each The complete set, covering the current series of 16 progr!llfs (available in March) M £2 00N Address for factsheets: Food and Drink, PO Box 7, London W3 6XJ  Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/00  2/20      SUPE BNNK '88 The winner of the Supercook '88 compftition was Vicki LawsonLBrown from Durham. Her winning recipe was: CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE $HDBALES servds 4) 8-12 oz chiccdn livers 0 oz chopped onion ond eighth of a pint of Cognac, reduced to 3 tblspns 2 fl oz double cream a little unsalted butter nutmeg, sdasoning, a few spinach leaves More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/16  3/20         CHICKEN LIVER M SSE $HDBA D Blanch the spinach in boiling water for one minute, then refresh in iced water. Line greased ramekins with leavesN Fry ofhons until transparent in the butterN Add chicken livers and fry for about three minutes. Chop finely either by hand or using a food processorN Add the brandy, cream and seasoN—ng to the mixtureN Put into ramekins, cover with spinach leaves and chillN Turn out of ramekins and serve with tomato sauceN Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/00  4/20      N CALVES SWEETBREADS WITH PINEAU DES CHAREN D" AND WILD MUSH NNDS 2 lbs calves sweetbreads (soaked and trimDed) 0 oz carrots, diced 2 oz onions, diced 2 oz gallon, diced { pint of Pineau des Charentes (A French fortified wine from the Cognac region) \ pint good beef stock a handful of mushrooms 1 bouquet garni, seasoNhlg a little unsalted butter \ oz cornflour More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/00  5'20       CALVES SWEETBREADS WITH PINEAU DES CHA @N$@ AND WILD MUSH NN S To prepare the sweetbreads: Soak in cold wader for 20 h—nutes thdn rifrd Put in a saucepan and cover with cold water, add a dash of lemon fuice and a pinch of salt Bring to thd boil and siHldr for 13 minttesN Plunge into cold water to firm the meat. hdn remove the tubds and outer membraneN Saute the diced vegetables and gah,on slowly in butter with the bouquet garni until tendfrN Add sweetbreads and cook for about five EhnutesN More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/10  6/20         CALVES S @ETBREADS WITH PHNEAU DES CHAREN D AND WILD MUSH NN S Transfer 2weetbrdads to a casserole dish. Add the Pineau to phe pan and reduce, thdn transfer to thd cassdrole. Add the htshrooms and enou£h stock to covdr Cook in the oven at gas mark 3, 325F, 160c for around 43 minutdsN Allow to cool in cooUhng stoca until ready to usdN More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/00  7/20      CALVES S @ETBREADS WITH PINEAU DES CHARENTES AND WILD MUSH OMS Just before serving, remove 1weetbreads from the s—ockN Reduce rdD—hling liq5hd and discard the bouquet garniN Blend the cornflour with a pblspn of Pineau and beat into stock Corrdct seasoNhng and fold in sliced sweetbread Serve with new potatoes and green beans For the potatoes: Use a variety like French orFHchon. Boil in s£hns until just tender, sdason, toss in unsaltdd butter and sprinkle w—ph choppdd parsle8N Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:12/00  8/20       N @GIONAL FOOD Thd prograhDe arranged for Gateway supermarket in Shepton Malled to experiment by sdlling a range of regional foods markdted by A $bste of Somerset. For more information on foods from Somersdt, contact: Val Evans, Tastd of Somerset, Agriculture House, 31 Trull Road,  Somfrset, TA1 4QC. $fl: 0823 337873 Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:13/10  9/20   \     REGIONAL FOOD Produce featured included: Smokdd Eeel from Brown and Forrest, Thorney, Langport, Somerset, TA10 0D N SN—hls from Jacques Aubrde, Barrour Farm, HRSN Chocolates from Linddn Lady Chocolate, Walnut Tree Farm, Birch Road, Copford, Colchester, CO6 1DRN Smokdd duck from Ashdown Smokdrs, Shelle0ah Farm, orney, ndar Miltod, Cumbria LA19 5 N Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:10/00  10/20        571=1 REGIONAL FOOD A directory of Brithsh foods, entitled British Food Finds is published by Rich and Green, priced £14.95N The book is available by direct j—hl from Rich and Green, 1 Moorehouse Road, London, G2 5DN. Price £10.95 plus £2 00 postage and packingN Or contact Henrietta Green on 01-727 9808N Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:14/02  11/20       VIEGERS' SUGGESTIONS FOR PREVENTING O IDISA$HFN OF WINE Harold —rrant uses a plastic food bag. Push the bag down into the bottle with a kf—tting needle Thdn fill with water to displace all thd oxygen and recork with the top of the bag folddd ovdr the Fdcc of the bottleN To empty, put a straw into the water thd watdr out. More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:15/01  12/20       VIEWERS' SUGGESTIONS FOR PREVEFTINC O IDISA HFN OF WINE Dr John Moilliet suggests using ascor—Hc acid in the form of vitaFhn C tabletsN Shmply crush 2 X 50mg tablets and tip them into an opdned bottle and place an eggcup over thd top Vivienne Bain of Thd —ne Society demonstrated The Wine Presdrver a nitrogen into the bottleN This forms a protective blanket over the wiFdN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:16/15  13'20       Dhe Wine Preservdr is available from: Rotokeg Prod5bts Ltd, Unit 7, Allen Rd, Rus—den Northants, NN10 0DU. Send a cheque or postal order madf payable to  includes postage and pacAhng)N If you would like to join The Wine Society contact: Vivienne Bain, Promntions Maf—bdr, Gunnels Wood S Herts, SG1 2BGN dl: 0438 314161. More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:16/20  14/20       N POTATO VARIE$HD" MARIS PIPER Particularly good for making chips as they seem to absorb slightly less fat. KING ED+ARDS Good for roasting and mash DESIREE Roasting and bashng CARA Best for basing WILIA Boiling ESTIMA Boiling, particularly used cold in potato salad NDANO Mash More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/05  15/20       N MASHED POTA ND" 2 lb King Edwards or Romano 4 fl oz hot milk 1 oz butter \ tspn ground nutmeg salt and pepper Peel potatoes, cut them evenly and bohl until completely softN Drain thoroughly and allow to dry in the warm saucepan with thd lid off for 2 mins Add the warm milk and mash thoroughlyN ghdn smooth, add the butter, nutmeg and seasoningN Ghip vigorously until light and fluffy. Servd immddiatelyN Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/11  16/20      N PNDMES DUCHESSE 1\ lbs h shed potato 1 egg Beat the egg into the podatoes and allow to coolN Fill a piping bag with the mixture and fit a large star nozzleN Pipe twirls approximately two inches in diameter onto a greased baking tray Bake for 10-20 hhnutes in a hot oven More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/10  17/20       CHAMP Mashed potato 2 tblspns finely chopped spring onion 4 tblspns fromage fr—@s Stir thd spring onion into the hot mash and arrange in nests on individual platdsN Make a well in the middle and fill with a tblspn of fromage fraisN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/06  18/20      N C"DDE CARAMEL \ pint single cream \ pint milk 2 tblspns vanilla sugar (or 2 tblspns caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence) 2 eggs and one egg yolk For the caramel 2 tblspns granulated sugar 1 tblspn water Gently heat thd milk and cream with the vanilla sugar until dissolved, taking care not to bring the mixture to the boil Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/10  19/20      N C DDECARAMEL Cool slightly then beat the eggs and whisk thdm into the mixture. In a separate saucepan, dissolve the granulated sugar and water and beat until the solution thickens and turns a golden colourN Do not overboilN Pour the car!ldl into 6 small rame!hns. Allow to cool, then strain the cream mixturd onto the caramel through a sieveN Place in a Bain Marie and bake for 45-50 minutes at gas mark 2, 300F, 150C Removd from oven and cool Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/10  20/20        C DDE CARAMEL To turn out, loosen the edge with a palettf knife, put a small plate over the top and turn over, giving the bottom of thd rdmdkin a sharp tap. Jill Goolden recommends Asti Spumante to go with this pudding. Fontanafredda - widely available from a variety of wine merchants, price £5N00 approximatelyN Moscato Spumante - avahlable from Presto, price £2.69N More