P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/43   1/14 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE THIS WEEK'S RELEASES   Stakeout (15) and The Last Emperor (15) are the only new releases this week - both are reviewed in full laterN Also in this week's column is the first of a series of readers' letters and a competition to win the soundtrack of The Last EmperorN Plus, of course, film news and details of this week's Film 88 programmeN
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/45   2/14 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE NEWS 1   The Chinese are coming! Not only is a film set in China (The Last Emperor) set to clean up at the Oscars, but Chinese films are now picking up major awards. The Sorghum Field, described as an epic about seduction and war, has won thf best picture award at the prestigious 38th Berlin Film FestivalN It is the first film from comm4nist China to win a top Berlin prizeN
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/31   3/14 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE NEWS 2   ...Other awards at the Berlin Film Festival included Norman Jewison as best director for MoonstruckN And Alec Guinness receivfd a Golden Bear for his life's workN ...Veteran director David Lean is said to have been in Cuba looQhng for possible locations for his film version of the Josdph Conrad novel Nostromo..
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/11   4/14 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE NEWS 3   The anti-apartheid film Cry Freedom has bfen shown to the Japanese Parliament prior to general release A spokesman for Japan's ruling party said it was meant to try to increase thf awareness of apartheid Japan does not have diplomatic relations with South Africa but is that country's biggest trading partner.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/01   5/14 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE NEWS 4  Thf first American film festival  in the USSR is under way in Moscow and St Petersb0rgN The event was announced in the Soviet press but no schedule details were releasedN Despite this, the festival has been a big success, with cinemas sold out and crowds queing for spare seatsN Most tic£dts were given to groups with links to the Culture Ministry but there has been a brisk black-market tradeN
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/00   6/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  STAKE TT (11)  ONE  Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers are a couple of wisecracking cops whose undercover work can lead them into deep water (sometimes litdrally!)N They are far from thrilled when as£ed to carry out night surveillancd on bfhalf of the FBI on the former girlfriend of an escaped convict. But Lecce (Richard Dreyfuss) quickly falls in love with the girl (Madeleind Stowe)N Not only is such an involvement totally against the rules, it leads to danger for Chris and his partner Bill (Elhlio Estevez). Morb
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:16/36   7/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  STAKEOUT (15)  ONE  The formula of Stakeout is hardly orifhnal, but a fast, punchy script is just one of the ingrfdients which make it very enjoyableN Richard Dreyfuss (loo3hng remarkably like Paul Newman) shows what a good, and funny, actor hf is M while Bljlio Estevez provides an equally good foil. Thf relationship between the two men is established well, and the film manages to m—intain a fine line between comedy and the menace of the escaped cop-killer homhng in on them. Review by Miriam Darby More
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:07/00   8/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  THE LAST EMPEROR (15)  ONE  Bernardo Bertolucci's Thd Last  Empdror is a beautifully ddtailed account of thd extraordinary life of China's last emperor, Pu Yi. The Last Emperor is the synthesis of two stories; one of Pu Yi, who spends a life imprisoned by his obsession with power; the other thd story of the Chinese revolutionN The film would be unbdlievable were it not for the fact that it was true; and the fact that these events took place this century makes them all the more remarkableN Mor—
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00   9/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  HE LAST EMPEROR (15)  ONE  Installed as the empdror at thd age  of three, Pu Yi is forbidden to leavf the Forbidden City, and has little or no knowledge of the C—ina develnping outside its wallsN The film details the emperor's opulent existence with breathtaking panoralic shots of his palaceN But Pu Yi moves from the luxurious bahl that is his palace whfn hd is expelled by the government in 1924, to the do3r co-l4fhst jail wherf he is rd-educated through confessions of his ideolochcal sinsN More
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/31  10/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  THE LAST EMPEROR (15)  ONE  John Lone and Joan Chen are convincing as the adult emperor and his opiumM addicted empress, while Peter O'Toole plays the emperor's tutor with due English eccentricityN Bertolucci, whose previous films include Last Tango in Paris and Thf Conformist, fills every frame with the most minute and sumptuous detailN Three hours long, hugely entertai.hng and beautifully filmed, nine Oscar nominations seems no less than this epic desfrves.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:09/10  11/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  LETTERS  ONE  From Ashley Hinson of Cambridge (an  absolutely devoted Steve Martin fan): "Steve Martin: what does that name mean to you? A funny man turned actor# To me it means a legendN "Steve Martin has transformed comedy during the past couple of decades on his own M well, apart from the helping hand of Carl ReinerN "He has changed stand-up comedy into an art and cinematic comedy into a noM nonsense snique expfrience."
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:20/06  12/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  LETTERS  ONE  "Steve Martin's first starring role  was in the amazingly funny, and still his best to date, The Jerk. "He had been writing the script for three years and as he said 'Along came Carl Reiner to add some depth and smooth off the edgesgN "It was a phenomenal ssccess, becoming the third most popular film that year in the States." (Ed: neither the BBC or ITV plan to show the follow-up, The Jerk Too. Sorry Ashley!) More of the letter in a moment
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/10  13/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  LET DRS  ONE  Ashley Hinson feels that Steve  Martin is rathfr more than fust a comic actor. "The success of the superb Roxanne is deservdd 100%...with Steve Martin giving a performancd worthy of an Oscar "He is now set to have a cameo in David Lynch's Pools Of Saliva and also appdar in a screen version of Samudl Beckett's +aiting For Godot. "These films will undoubtedly project him to his ddserved superstar status."
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/14  14/14 IN   THE   ADMIT  COMPETITION  ONE  You could win the soundtrack to The Last Emperor (Virgin) if you can answer the following simple question: The Last Emperor is set in China - which Chinese year has fust started? Answers to: In Thd 2 an' 9s, Ceefax, Room 7013, BBC TV Centr—, Wood Lane, London W12 8QT. Important we have two CDs, three LPs which format you would likeN