P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00    1/11      ' ££!   programmes on BBC tv   and radio this weea THURSDAY MARCH 3 RADIO 4: 1000 THE NATURAL HISTORY PROGRAMME Fergus Keeling looks at the natural   More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/10    2/15        programmds on BBC tv   and radIo this weeu T@URSDAY MARCH 3 BBC2: 1500 WILD WORLD Goblins of the Forest Heinr Seilmann's lovely film abo0t red sq5dsqdls and dorlhce at home in his nativd Bavaria BBC2: 2030 NATURE From Aerosols to NATURE confronts the beach racketeers of the Costa del Sol on their allec l trade in chimpan:dds plus a live ddbate on a contdntious enfhpoflental issue  Mord
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:21/15   3/15      News from the BBC  Natural History Unit Would you laugh if you were told that sunbathing might have to be banned as a public health hazard in the notMtooM distant future? Well, according to Friends of the Earth, this is why we must take immediate action to protect the ozone layer and protect ourselves against huge increases in skin cancer rates. For a free leaflet giving more information, write to: Aerosol Connection, Friends of the Earth, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ. More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/42   4/15      News from the BBC  Natural History Unit The RSPB film 'Wings over Wales' has won the top Award of Excellence in the Fuji Corporate Image category of the International Visual Communication Association AwardsN 'Wings over Wales' shows how the Society helps to protect birds in +alesN It looks at protection schemes, research and reserve management, dfscribing how these are applied to conserve Welsh birdlifeN More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/00   5/15      News from the BBC  Natural History UNht In August 1986, almost 100 Cheer Pheasants, an endangered Himalayan species, were released in the Margallo Hills National Park, north of Islamabad in PaSHstanN By the end of 1987, up to 13 birds were repeatedly seen returning to the arfa, but all were malesN British Airways, through its 'Assisting Nature Consfrvation' scheme, has now flown six adult hen birds there in the hope that they will breed in the wildN
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/31   6/15        country diary The Dover Sole breeds in coastal waters of Europe, from Denmark to Brittany, and around Britain south of the Humber to the Solway Firth. SpawNhng has already started in the south west and will continuf until early June M populations further east spawn successively later By March, young fish will be moving into western nursery areas, while in the southern North Sea they begin to appear in late JtneN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/13   7/15        country diary The Deneholes in Grays, Essex have rdcord numbers of hibernating bats this winter. These ancient chalk mines were probably excavated 600 years ago, and since pot-holing was restricted in 1985, the bat population has increased from 10 to 38 individuals. Bats usually move into caves during severe weather, but the most recent count included 27 Daubenton's, fhne Natterers and two Brown Lo.f eared BatsN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/00   8/15        country diary A caterpillar of the Cream-spot Tiger Moth was sfen last week in Sussfx; the glossy black larvae has reddis( brown 'fur' and is confined to the southern coastal countiesN The caterpillar of the Garden Tiger or 'Woolly Bear' is much more widely distributed and reaches northern Scotland It is distinguished by the silvdpy tips of its long black hairs and a band of orangd bristles along its sidesN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/00   9/15        country diary Sea temperatures are presently higher than normal for late February and may triggdr early reproduction in some marine organisms. However, for the planktoFhc algae, which supply the primary food source of all marine ecosystems, light is critically important for reproduction and growth. Increasing day length, clear coastal water and decreased cloud cover all help spded the spring algal bloomN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:16/37   10/15        country diary Early Dog Violet is now in flower; it is vfry similar to the Common Dog Violet, but slightly smaller, with narrower leavfs and 0ftalsN The flowers are violet-blue and are unscentedN The Early Dog Violet can be found growing in shady hedgerows and woodlands; it is more common in the south, but grows throughout the countryN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:07/19   11/15        country diary Last month's Painted Lady and Red Admiral immigration apparently dispersed inland; the only recent sighting of a Painted Lady was reported from Potters Bar, Herts. Species which hibernate as adults usually fly earliest M a Red Admhral seen in the Wyre Forest on February 15 had probably just emerged, not migrated On the same day, all across southern Britain, many Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies were seen, along with smaller numbfrs of Brimstones, Peacocks and ComV s.  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00   12/11        country diary The Scottish Crested Tit is a separate race confined to Scotland and is mainly associated with Scots Pine particularly open, native Caledonian Pine Forest. Outside the breeding season, a pair will remain together within a winter feeding area and will only temporarily join parties of other tits. This sedentary behaviour leads to few new areas being colonised, but 1987 rdcords indicate there E—8 be a significant extension into Wester Ross and LochaberN  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/10   13/15        country diary Wintering summer migrants, of which we usually have a few, have not bfen forced into gardens this yfar to find foodN Indications of higher-than-usual numbdrs of Blackcaps ard being rdported from sevfral parts of the UK, but from woodlands and hedgerows Chiffchaffs also seem to bd here in above-average numbers, and Lesser Ghitethroat, Ghinchat and Willow Warblers have also been reportdd.  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:09/10   14/15        country diary The march issue of BBC WILDLIFE magazind is now available, price £1.20 M this month with a free packet of corncockle seeds. This month, you can find out if bee- eaters make good neighbours and if male seahorses make good mothersN Plus the pine martens that came to dinner, a binocular review, the 1988 photographic competition, and news, views and reviews from the natural history world.  More
P262 CEEFAX 262 Wed 2 Mar 21:20/06   13/15        country diary Information this week was supplied by: Friends of the Earth, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, British Airways, Dr Peter Hayward, John Dobson, Paul Waring, Anne-Maria Brennan, British Butterfly Conservation Society, Ray Collier, British Trust for Ornithology and the Fair Isle Bird Observatory. The pages were compiled in the BBC's Natural History unit BN