P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00   1/15  N        This week ...N New albums from All About Eve, the Mighty Lemon Drops and Jerry Harrison Thd winners from the bumpdr entries for the Climie Fishfr album comp A few long-gone Marches pass through the Ceetrax almanac Kerrang! gets the pop prdss spotlight Cho are Per Yarroh, Harry Rope and Rory Phare? ... but first, a couple of new 41s
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/00   2/15    L      43s Brief ...N Simply Red - I Won't Feel Bad Mick Hucknall's voice is just as strong on the up-tempo songs as on the ballads as this cut from the Men and Women LP shows. This is one of those songs on thf album that mix mid-60s Motown with gospelN Heart Never7These Dreams Bad Animals. The anthemic Never is let down by the chorus vocals but D—ese Dreams, a ballad, fares much better. Prince Fanzine  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00   3/15          Controvdrsy Appdal Thd new edition of the 'unofficial' Prince fanzine Controversy is out Thd new glossy edition (word processed by 'Henry') includes info about the film Sign 'o' thd Times, Paisley graduate Tafa Seville and a Prince horoscope! Editor Eileen Murton wants to contact other Prince fans who would likd to keep in touch and enfoy assorted (and often nonMPurple) eventsN Thd mag costs £2 M or just send an SAE to q—8 hello - from PO Box 310, Croydon CR9 6APN Clannad on tour  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/10   4/15  N        Clannad Tour Feb 29 M March 5 Dublin - Gaiety March 12CNottingham - Royal Centre 13 Bristol - Colston Hall 14 Manchester - Apollo Theatre 15 Sheffield - City Hall 17 London - Hammersfhth Odeon 18 Newcastle - City Hall 20 Poole - Arts Centre 21 Oxford - Apollo Theatre 22 Birlhngham - Hippodrome New single khite Fool just released. All About Eve  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/05   5/15          All About Evd - LP No title except the band's name The dfbt to Pearls before Swine that became evident on their singles is even cleardr hereN It is probably mainly in my imagination, but AAE drive a groovd of folky melancholy that harks backN There are some splendid soaring g5htars and Htliannd Regan has a fine voice that lies somewhere between Sandy Denny and Carol DeckerN Thd instrumentation is sometimes over-busy but I'm growing to like this LPN Marches past (part 1)  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/00   6/15      $%    \  On the Time Stre!d March 1 March 1 1968 The Musical 'Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice was first performdd for parents at a school in HajldrsDhth, LondonN March 2 1968 This is reputed to be the day whfn Syd Barrett left thd group Pink Floyd March 3 1978 David Coverdale and his new band Ghitesnabe opfned their first UK tour at Lincoln TechFHcal College More Almaf c later  Pop press next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/15   7/15          A Dip in the M5rhc Press Kerrang! this week quotes Thf Listener (hi guys, how is it going?)N It gets a bit technical but basically the Big L commented on the unrfconstructed machismo and caveman boorishness and said heavy metal has always been music to squeeze spots by. Now Kerrang! hardly raised the tone by commenting On Yer Bike Bum-bandits but for the music press that is a very very restrained riposteN So, how are things over in Metalville? Heart  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/11   8/15          A Dip in the Music Press 2 I'd be very reluctant to bag Heart as a metal bandN Therefore their inclusion in this week's Kerrang! demonstrates to me, again, the surprisingly open-minded approach to music of that magN They've been around since Dreamboat Annie in 1976 and are currently a very hot property. Up front are the Wilson sisters, Anne and Nancy and the band includfs ex-Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne luminary Mark Andes. Did you know there is a third Wilson sister M Lynn? A question of balance  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/00   9/15      %      A Dip in thd Music Press 3 I would hesitate to suggest that the delightful Wilson sistdrs are the only reason Kerrang! devotes eight pages and the covdr to Heart. Elsewhere we find the equally delightful Zodiac Mindwarp and Motorhead getting thfir shareN This must be balanced reportingN However, the caveman approach to m5rHc and music fans) reM—hns. Kerrang! are planning some tastdful glamour for thd Kontaktz! publicationN Suitably shaped lady readfrs should send picturesN Bomb the Boy on 45  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/00   10           More 45s Boy George - Live My Life George coasts along on a fast boppy soul cut from a film called Hiding O5t. Already a hit in the USN Bomb the Bass Beat Dis demo disc and everything the sampler would allow riddle this potpourri of a singleN The maestro is DJ Tim Simenon who has, it says hdre, a blaster of a remix for thf US release. It's fun, but needs a bit more bass/drum punch More past Marches  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/01   11/15          On the Time Stream March 2 March 18 1968 The staff of KMPX-FM, a rock radio station in San Francisco, went on strikf citing lack of control over prograFlhng and 'hassles over the whole lo.fLh—hr riffgN March 22 1978 Thd Rutles TV film (a Beatles parody) was first shownN March 24 1958 Elvis Presley became a rdgulation GI when he was inducted into thd US armyN Soldier number 53310761 was in the armed forces for two years Research: BBC Popular M5rhc Library
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:05/00   12/15          A Tale of Three Singles The three recordings of Laughing Inshde are the sameN The first, on HMV, claims to bd by Per Yarroh, a NorwecHan avant- garde composer. He was a pianist unthl the accident. File under classical The second is by Harry Rope, an ex-con Hell's Angel from a brokfn home who, it is allegdd, was security advisor to @hmi Hendrix and killed a rival anged in a fight over the chapterN He spdnt 15 years in gaol writing songs. File undfr street credibility. The true Laughing Inside Next?
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:06/01   13/15      $%      Roy Phare - is this the real thing? The third is credited to Rory Phare who is a Slade (school of art) graduate and is/was friends with Warhol, Burroughs and EnoN He spent three years making thd single in Tokyo. File under rockN It took me a while to click, but Per Yarroh, Harry Rope and Rory Phare are all af—brams of Roy Harpfr. It will presumably emdrge as a Harper sin£le soon ...N and it is in fact vdry goodN Thfy had me believing in Rory Phard for a while there. Welcome back Roy. A couple of new albuls  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00   14/15           Albums brief ...N Jerry Harrison M Casual Gods TalAhng Head membfr with a second solo albumN Instrumentally there are echos of TH in the m5rhc although lyrically it is less quirky, and alludes at times to conditions in the third worldN Mighty Lemon Drops-World Ghthout End Although I enboy this albuD, I do find it difficult to describeN Much of it blurrs togethdr, although some cuts, like Crystal Clear andCNo Bounds, stand outn I obviously must listen some moreN ClimHe Fishdr winners  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 2 Mar 21:09/03   15/15          Climie Fisher Winners The response to the Climie Fisher album compdtition was so good I'm going to throw in the rdview copy as well, so there are six winners The Aretha Franklin/George Michael hit written by Simon Climie was I Knew You cere Waiting (For Me). The winners are: Lorraine Avey (Poole) S Rees (Southall) P Caroll (Stockport) Una Kent (Truro) Dale Farrington (Bolton) and finally Miss Reynolds Sutton Coldfield) Ceetrax is written by Andy Finney