P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/11   1/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL The MONEYFILE Unit Trust Panel has been recruited from a number of indfpendent advisory firms in an attempt to offer a path through the unit trust j2ngleN Unit trusts, it must be emphasised, can fall in valueN Neither the panellists nor the BBC can accept responsibility for recommendations madeN Selections shown and opinions expressed are those of the persons named and are not necessarily shared by the BBCN * Investors are recommended always to seek professional advice before buyingN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/34   2/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL * MARCH selections: UK USA Japan Gilts Other JalHe Berry * Louise Botting * * S Kean Seager * * Selections are geared for growth on a 12-month view and are considfred worthy of inclusion in a balanced portfolioN S indicates a speculative investmentN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/13   3/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL D—lhe Berry (Berry Asset Management) * MARCH comlentary: Overview: The mood amongst advisers and investors is still gloomyN But volumes of business are smallN Thd key to the future outlook is still in the United States, where nothing much will happen until after thd electionN We are recommending investors to comdit two thirds of their portfolio to fixed rest in higher-yielding unit trusts for recoveryN Purchases should generally be madf on weak days in the marketN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/00   4/8      UNIT TRUST PANEL Jamie Berry (Berry Asset Management) * MARCH commentary (continudd): The need for defensive, quality funds is greater than ever. Investors should avoid specialist funds for the time being unless they are confident of a strong recovery. We still believe that 1988 will be a difficult ydar for investors and that any sustained rally should be used as an opportunity to move to a more defensive stanceN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/50   5/8      UNIT TRUST PANEL Louise Botting (Douglas Deakhn Young) * MARCH comdentary: UK: The fundamentals remain fair, with profits expected to grow up to 10pc in 1988N This hardly adds up to recession, but there are clouds on the horizonN USA: Given inherent economic imbalances in the United States, UK fund managers still tend to be cautiousN Europe: Although some shares look very cheap, European markets are likely to reL—hn quiet sntil confidence in the dollar returnsN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/11   6/8      UNIT TRUST PANEL Louise Botting (Douglas Deakhn Young) * MARCH commentary (continufd): Japan: Appears to have accepted that local demand and mafor development of its infrastructure must replace its traditional export bias. UK funds are now taking an increasing interest. Far East: If Pacific nations refuse to revalud against the dollar, the spectre of protectionism loomsN Markets have largely discounted all this and, for those ready to accept a high level of volatility and above-average risk, there are attractive opportunities  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/02   7/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL Kean Seager (chitechurch Securities) * MARCH comldntary: UK Equities: 1988 has been dull so far. But a period of consolidation is to be welcomed after the gyrations seen in 1987's fourth quarterN Institutional liquidity is in good shape and rights issues are at a low levelN The outlook for profits and dividends is also good. Eventually the market will move higher and a positive Budget could helpN We feel the UK still offers the best value and the new Income Fund from Morgan Grenfell looks interestingN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/48   8/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL Kean Seager (Whitechurch Securities) * MARCH commentary (continued): Gilts: Yields look unexciting at around 7pc netN So we would not recommend gilts at the moment unless investors want to play the interest rate cycleN Japan: Continues to be firm b2t is still very expensiveN USA: Should continue to recover but does not look good valueN  More