P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/03  1/13    CEEFAX presdnts..N      {5*o     ...a sequdnce of
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:06/10   2/13       Thf Liberals and thd Social De-fcrats have each voted in favour of merger, the Electoral Reform Society has said. The Libdrals voted 87.9 per cent in favour with a total turnout of 52.3 per cent of the membershipN The SDP said 65.3 per cent had voted "Yes" from a turnout of 55.5 per cent Spokesmen from both parties described thf rdsult as an overwhelming endorsement of thf new partyN A BBC correspondent said a big majority in favour of mdrger had been expectedN News inddx 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:07/13   3/13       Thf IRA cannot be ddfeated by military means alone, the Northern Ireland Secretary, Mr Tom King, has said SpeaShng in Belfast, he said the IRA would bf beaten but there had to be political progress to deal with the dissatisfaction on which terrorism brdd Mr King said that his forthco-hng talks with the l—hnly Catholic Social and Democratic Labour Party was an essdntial part of the political proceq2 News index 102/202 Newsrdel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00   4/13       An association representing NHS accountants says therd is a steadily worseFhng financial crisis in the sdrvice and has called for more moneyN The Health Care Financial Manage-dnt Association says this 9dar there is a £115 million shortfall in the funding of English health authoritiesN The association blames the shortfall on inflationN The report says the £73 dhllion allocated by the Governmdnt to the hfalth service in December will only prorhde a breathing spaceN News index 102'202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:08/00   5/13     A murddrer and rapist has been given three life sentences at the Old Bailey. Richard Rees, 26, carried out a series of violent crimes in Deptford and Sydfnham in London after hd was jilted by his girlfriend, the court heardN In five days in February last year, Rees killed a man, raped two women, robbed, coMlhtted arson and took a falhly hostage Rees, of Newlands Park, Sydenham, admittdd all the crimes except murder But after cross-examination he changed his murder plea to guilty More details on BBC2 209
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:09/31   6/13       Leaders of the 16 NATO countries have said that Soviet military power casts a s—adow over EuropeN T—ey called at their Brussels s5llht for the eliEhnation of thousands of +arsaw Pact weapons which they said were held ready for a surprise attack. A statement on the imbalance in East- 'fst convdntional forces said NATO required "highly asylmetrical reductions by the EastbN Mrs Thatcher warned the summit that the Soviet Union was continuing to modernise its nuclear forcesN News index 102/202 Newsreel 119'219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:20/00   7/13   ENGLAND XI FOR  THIRD $DbT Phil DeFreitas, the pace bowler who lost his run-up four times in five overs 11 days ago, has been recalled to England's Test sideN He replaces Paul Jarvis for Thursday's Third Test in Wellington,  only other changf sees spinner Eddie Hellhngs oust Neal Radford. DeFreitas was droppfd for the second Test after a disastrous display in a three-day game at DunedinN But managdq Micky Stewart H worked very hard since then." England go into the game hoping for their first win in 13 TestsN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:01/00   8/13   REPLACBDENTS  REPLACED All three of England's replacement backs for Saturday's Calcutta Cup clash at Murrayfield have dropped out. Orrell flyMhalf Peter Williams (hamstring), Wasps centre Kevin Simms knee) and Bristol scrum half Richard Thfir stand-ins on the bench will be Leicester fly-half Les Cusworth, Saracens centre John Buckton and Moseley scrumMhalf Simon RobsonN Malone flanker Dennis McBride will make his debut for Ireland against Wales in Dublin on Sat1rday after Willy Sexton failed a fitness testN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:00/12   9/13   CHARLTON  GOING HOME Charlton are all set to return home Thd First Division strugglers are expected to announce a return to The Valley within the next 24 hoursN After 61 years at Tde Valley, the club switched to a ground-s—aring scheme with Crystal Palace in 1985N But despite promotion to Division One, their Selhurst gates have been poorN Former chairman Michael Glickstein owns the now derelict Valley, but Greenwich Council have steadfastly rdf0rdd planning pdrmission for the site while the club was basdd outside the Borough
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:02/10   10/13   POMPEY C NBURE  THREAT AVERTED A winding-up petition brought against Portsmouth by the Inland Revenud was disdhssed in the High Court in London The Revenue, which was claiming £626,000, askfd for its petition to be dismissed after receiving a banker's draft from Portsmouth for £300,000N Outside court, Portsmouth's solicitor said arrangements were under way to clear the remainder of the debt. Mr Martin Polden said the financial crisis was over but changes were needed on the club's administrative frontN He adddd that Pompfy could look forward to the successful future it dfservedN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:03/05   11/13   DIXON THINKS OVER  DST HAM MOVE Chelsea's England striker Kerry Dixon has asked West Ham for more time to think over a £900,000 move to Upton ParkN The two clubs are believed have agreed on the fee and the decision now rests with Dixon, who has promised to j—be qp his mind in the next 48 hours His hesitation could also prompt Arsenal manager George Graham to make a late bidN The Gunners boss has previously made offers of £750,000 and £810,000 for the former England player
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/10   12/13   LA$D T S O  S OTTISH LEAGUE, Premier Division DUNFE DLINE 0-3 CELTIC 'al+Dr 1 Uhn McAveFhe 9, 36 BARCLAYS LEAGUE Diviqhon Two MANCHESTER CITY 0-0 HULL SIMOD CU@, Semi-final (half-time) READING 0 0 COVENTRY 8.15 7.30pm kic£ off unless stated Headlines 300   
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/01   12/13   LA DBT S£O D  SCOTTISH LEAGUE, PreMHer Division DUNFERMLINE 0-4 CELTIC alker 1 dhn McAveVHe 9, 36 Stark 68 BARCLAYS LEAGUE, Division Two MANCHESTER CITY 2M0 HULL Varadi 80, 82 SIMOD CUP, Semi-final READING 0 0 COVENTRY 8.11 7.30pm CHc L HeadliNds 300   
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 2 Mar 21:04/11   13/13   0600-1200   Thursday   Scotland and N Ireland  cloudy with heavy showers  and severe gale force  windsN Some sleet and snow  with blizzards on hillsN  Most of Wales and the N of  England will have sunN8   spells and showers, with  more showers on g coasts.  , * * Midlands and S England , * cloudy with rain at first.  Gendpally colder ac—hnN OUTLOOK FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Cold and windy with frequent wintry showers at N and E coasts, but brighter with some sun in some western ardas. Travfl Summary TV-Radio City