P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 3 Feb 21:03/10    1/5                         THE PAGE FOR Diary........703 MICRO USERS Telesoftware.710 Contacts:  A full length Jeremy Brayshaw NEXT will be CEEFAX appearing here BBC tv centre in the next Wood Lane few days London W12 7RJ
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/06   2/5  ADVENTURE SOS N Richard Hewison   The second National Computer Adventurers' Convention was held on Saturday November 28 in the Europa Gallery and associated suite of conference rooms at Sutton central library in south London. The event was a joint promotion by the Sutton Library Computer Club and the Clubspot Advfnture Helpline from MicronetN The day consisted of a registration period followed by intermittent seminars (guested by celebrities of the advfnture world) and many workshops for both single and multi user gamesN More
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 3 Feb 21:01/11   3/5  ADVENTURE SOS NN Richard Hewison   The second National Computer Adventurers' Convention gave those who attended the chance to meet some of the people behind the adventure games. Game author Peter Kilworth gave a seminar on the future of adventure games. Tim Gilberts, thf man behind Gilsoft, gave a talk on adventure creators, and there was another seminar on the orighn of Micronet's own multi-user game, ShadfsN I only managed to attend Tim Gilbert's talk, but an interesting discussion took place about the potential of adventure utilities, whilst I manned the lights!
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/06   4/5  ADVENTURE SOS NN Richard Hewison   Attending the Computer Adventurers' Convention gave Micronet Adventure Chatliners a chance finally to meet each other face to faceN A few famous characters were spied among the crowd, including Fergus McNeill (author of Bored of the Rings etc) and Level 9's Mike Austin. I managed to chat to Mike about both Knight Orc and Gnome Ranger, level 9's newest gamesN Magnetic Scrolls had a playable version of Jinxter for people to try out, and there was much more adventure software to have a go on in the workshopsN More
P701 CEEFAX 701 Wed 3 Feb 21:13/01   5/5  ADVENTURE SOS NN Richard Hewison   In my opinion the convention was a great success. I didn't really look at the multi-user area much, but the people there seemed to be having a good time chatting to the arch wizards, witches and creators of Shades, MUD, etcN Thanks to Settler, Sue, Marion, Dark Star, Julian and Vernon (who organised the event)N Try to get to the Third Annual Computer Adventurers' Convfntion if you missed this onf. The continuation of the Guild of Thieves hints will appear next timeN grite in if you're still stuck in Kerovnia.