P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/10 1/25  NEED TO  @  @  5//f5     "  j  News and  features for  the deaf & hard  of hdaring  Edited by  Jen Roberts  Updated 22.1.88   Diary Dates  on 29  
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00  2/25  NEED TO   1986 Disabled Persons Act Workshop. Thf RNID west region will bd organising this workshop. It will focus on its relevance to deaf peopleN It will be held at Stoke Park Hospital, Nurse Education Unit, Stapleton, Bristol on February 24. Workshop fee £15 Contact Malcolm Crookes, RegioN l Officer (West), Community Services, North Paradd House, North Paradd, Bath BA2 4AL. $flephone (0225) 446305 More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:25/23  3/25  NEED TO   Exhibition for Disabled People March 22 and 23, Carnatic House, Elmswood Road, Liverpool. For the third year running, British  Liverpool of services and products for disabled pfopleN The aim is to display all the equipldnt available through British Telecom's Liverpool District, to n—ve communications easier for disabled pfopleN The equipment is specifically dfsigned to help customers with visual, mobility, speech and hearing impairments. Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/10  4/25  NEED TO   Exhibition for Disabled People March 22 and 23 in LiverpoolN Everyone attending the exhibition can enter a prize draw. Prizes include a Tribune telephone adapted for hard-of hearing peopleN Mr Ian Kershaw from St Helen's Society for the Deaf will demonstrate equipment and act as interpreterN A shuttle service will operate from Liverpool City Centre to Carnatic Halls AdFHssion is free and the exhibition is open from 1000-2000 on the 22nd and 1000-1700 on the 23rd. Morb
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:05/02  5/25  NEED TO   ghy BSL This is the question that members of the "See Hear" team will bf anwerhng at the next 1880 Commitde's eventN You can go along to ask questions, macd comments and offer suggestions to the panel The event will take place on February 3 at the RNID, 105 Gower Street, London. Please note this NEg venue for the 1880 Committee evdnt. Admission is freeN All welcome, deaf or hdaringN —————————— More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:26/03  6/25  NEED TO   The British Deaf Sports Council Winter Sports Programme 1988N The 4th European Ski Championship for the Deaf will be held at SchladVhng, Austria on February 21 to March 5N Two British Deaf Skiers - Crawford Carrick Anderson and Martin Rice have been selected to reprfsent Great Britain in the competition. Anyone interested in watching the Championship should contact  travfl agent and ask for Neilson or Thompson Winter Ski Holiday Broch;res. —————————— More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00  7/25  NEED TO    A—ster Ski Courses in Aviemore, Scotland The Annual Easter Ski Week will take place April 1-7 at Freedom Inn, Aviemore or Badaguish Centre, GleV,ore Forrdst ParkN Thd ski weec is o0dn to any ddaf pefple who are interestdd in ski-ing M —dginners, intermediates and advanced. For more details please send a large SAE to: Colin MacDonald, BDSC Winter Sports ConveNfr, Dalriada, Housd 14/7 56 Blythswood Court, Glasgow G2 7PE. —————————@ Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:09/00  9/25  NEED TO   £"££"££"! £ There's still a chance to get tickets for thd London Deaf Drama Gro1p's performance "King V—lfs And His Beau" A number Ff tickeds are left for their extra performance on February 18 at 1930, tickets £3 and for their 1400 performance on 20 February, tickets £2. Thdse can be obtained from Q J Ste"—ns, 29 Badgers Close, Hayes Mhddlesex UB3 1LQN Cheques payable to "London Deaf Drama Groupb. It is possible to pay at thd door for the performance on the 18th but advisable to get tic£dts beforehand for the performance on the 2ndN Morb
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/10  10/25  NEED TO   Letters Frances Elton from London. "I watched the splendid and bdst-evfr "See Hear" Christmas special "A Christmas Carol" on December 20 1987 with awe and a sense of inspiration. "This was especially becaprd of the strong sse of British Sign Language and the excellent perforl nces from the players theHrdlves "The sceFdpy, atmosphere and co1tumes were first class and very professional" Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:10/01  11/25  NEED TO   Francds Elton comEdlts on "See Hear'1" "A Christmas CarolbN "A special tributd h4st also go to John Lee, not only for his acting but becausd as a hearing person hf used such excellent British Sign Language "He dfmonstrated that it is possible for someone to be bilingual in BSL (the only or preferred la&ft—ge of the 50,000 deaf in Britain) and in English (whether spoken or visual) "His example could bd followed by both deaf and hearing people, givdn the right attitudes and opportunaties " Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:11/00  12/25  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Francds Elton co-Dents on "See Hear's" "A Christmas Carol". "The programme itself is a breakdhrough for the qse of BSL in plays and films of the futureN "I cert!hlly want to see more of thes— kind of prograbLds or even a sdbies on televiqhon at peac viewing times, with deaf people chten opportu.hties to play important roles in acting and directing." "I wish to say congratulations to thd team for the best show ever in the history of "See Hear" Christmas special1 " Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:12/00  13'25  NEED TO   Mr G Noon from Liverpool. "So, the subtitled videos campaign was a successN "Now wd s—ould all gi6— moral q4pport and bfcomd subscribdrs to the National Subtitled Video Library pro6—ding the sqit various tastes." Mgp—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:13/04  14/25  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ Mr B Lawton from Staffordshire "I write on behalf of several rdlathves and friends who watch "So.fb of Praise" on Sunday evfnings and who have difficulty in hearing "I qnderstand that service s—eets are available and these would be of great help to h f8N " o0ld you please advis— me if this i1 correct and where thd sheets d—8 be obtained from and if there is any charge?" * NNTS replies on the following page More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:10/12  15/25  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"!£"£ £ NNTS replies to Mr Lawton's query. I'm sorry to say that you havd bden given incorrect information Mr Lawton. I tdlephoned "Songs of Pr—hse" and the8 said they do not provide servicd sheets T—drd is a book available however entitled "Your Favourite Songs of Praise" containing the top 100 songs. You can get a copy from major bookshops or from Oxford Univdrsity Press, 6 Walton Street, Oxford Price £3.95 More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:14/00  16/25  NEED TO   Mrs Shirley Old from Norwich "I wrote to "Watchdog" congratulating thdm on thdir prograDld and the fact that it has been moved to a more ddqhpable slotN "I also appealed to them for subthtles for ddaf viewers on the grounds that many thousands of deaf pfople are heads of housdholds and parents of childrenN "Perhaps other deaf viewer1 should bacc sp this plea." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:15/01  17/25  NEED TO   ££! "££" £"££"££"£ £ Your hobbies.. "Many years ago, a friend who was blind taught me to write brailleN I do this now for the RNIB "Instead of enduring thd frustration of trying to understand television prograDlds which are ngp subthtled I am hard of hdaring), I have the satisfaction of performing a sdrvice for those who ard less for—unate than I am." Jim Robson Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:16/10  18/  NEED TO   ££! "££" £"££"!£" £ Your hobbies..N "I am a football fan and support Oxford United, watching sdveral of their home matches every season "Not(hlg qnusual about that yo0 might say, but I am al1o a "gro0ndhoppdr" M thf term prdd for an individual w(f tries to watch footbadl on as E—F8 grounds as poscHble E le!f4e no. league, and foreign. "My current overall count is 521 not More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:17/00   19/25  NEED TO   Christopher Ashbridge - groundhoppep.. "I often make day or weekend trhps to Belgium and Holland to watch football and my s5lldr holiday in June 1987 took my hobby to bizarre levdls. "With the help of an inter pail car I watched 18 matches in as many days in Denmark, Sweden and Norway - all at different grounds Finances pdrmitting I plan to go even furthdr afield to Iceland and Finland to watch football in future s—lldrs (when of course there's no football being playfd in Britain). ." Morb
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:10/00  20'25  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ T—d long distance groundhopper.& "As far as I know I am the only deaf groundhopper in Britain although I ha6— savdral hearing friends who are also groundhoppersN "I also condpib0te on a regular basis to a publication called "Groundhopper Magazine" M thd title of which explaiF2 the content." Christophdr AshbridgeN Mafx thanks to viewers for your letters We'll hear about some other —obbies nfxt weekN Keep on writing! More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:18/10  21/25  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Kids-Link a penMpal club run by two "We link children of the same age group and with the same intdrests all ovdr BritainN "Recently, we extended this club to children with spdcial difficulties who would, of course, equally enboy a pdn "Gd issue all Ki$r Link wrhters with a Kids Link griter's Certificate and they articles from the children and we fdel thdy enboy the club enormously." Dore
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:19/02  22/25  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ Kids-Link a peFLpal club run by two "As we are based in Cheshire w— wo0ld like to hear from children in thd so0th and other parts of Britain which all goes to make the penMpal link more exciting!" If you would like more information about the club please send an SAE to Lynmar Marketing, Paddock Chase, Little Budworth, Cheshire CW6 9DAN Mgpd
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:20/11  23/21 NEEDTO   ££! "££" £"££"££"£ £ Job vacancies (1 of 2 pages). The RNID is looking for a Principal Regio. l Officer and  Officer for its SE officeN Both posts will be based in Acton, London W3 Application forms and bob descriptions from the Personnel Officer, RNID 105 Gower Sdreet, London B0E 6AH N Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:20/00  24/25 NEEDTO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Thd FaD—ly Welfare Association is involved in setting qp a project in Homerton Road, Hackney With thd help of money from the MSC and advice and guidance from RAD a Job Club for ddaf people is bding set up. Job Club's are places wHdpe people who have been out of work for some time can ged togdthdr to work at finding a bobN Job Club leaders help show members the bfst ways to contact emplo9frs and h—"d job applicationsN A deaf pdrsnn is needed to be the job leader Contact FWA on 01-986 5424 or RAD on vA1tel 01-552 8734 (Clivd Palmer)F Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 3 Feb 21:23/45  25/25  NEED TO   Write to NNTS with your news, views and information. NNTS, Room 7013, BBC Television Centre, London W12 7RJN Subtitling comments to: Room B103, BBC Centre House, Wood Lane, London '12 7RJN Room 322, Broadcasting House, Queen Margaret Drive, GlasgowN Morb