P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/01   1/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE THIS GEDJ'S RELEASES 1   THE LOST BOYS (15) Modern day vampire youths in a Californian town M mixture of blood, spfcial effects and humour. (Fuller review later by competition winner Angeli Parmar.) NADINE (PG) Comedy thriller with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger as a married couple on the brink of divorceN Involves some rather compromising photos of hdr, a murddr and the local mobN Column edited by Richard Angell
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/06   2/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE THIS W DF'S RELEASES 2   KING LEAR (11) Jean Luc Godard's vaguely-related version of the Shakespeare classic Pupils taking Lear for school exams might have difficulty recognising it. CHINA GIRL (18) Youths from the neighbouring New York Italian and Chinese communities in a gang warN Centrdd around the love story between Italian boy and Chinese girl. Column updated on Saturd!x2.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/10   3/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE NEWS  Thf first American film festival in  the Soviet Union begins in Moscow and Lcohngrad next month - but the Russsian people won't know until it has started. Michael Douglas, Marlee Matlin, Daryl Hannah and other stars will appear at showings of Romancing The Stone, Children Of A Lesser God, Splash etc. The films were mostly chosen by the stars but also include two picked out at the Soviet end M A Chorus Line and Singing In The Rain. Looks like the Glasnost era favours the hoofers!
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:03/00   4/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE AWARDS, AWARDS, AWARDS   The Last Emperor came out best in thd Golden Globe awards, picahng up four prizes including best dramatic filmN Bernardo Bertolucci was named best director and shared the screenplay award with Mark Peploe. The film alsf won a globe for best orighnal scoreN Other major awards in the drama section includfd Michael Douglas as best actor for Wall Street and Sally Kirkland as best actress in AnnaN Scotland's Sean Connery (Untouchables) won the best supporting actor prizeN
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:06/02   5/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE AWARDS, AWARDS, AWARDS   John Boorman's Hope And Glory won the Golden Globd award for best comedy or musical film. In the same geNdqal category, Robin Williams came away with the prize for best actor for his performance as a manic DJ in Good Morning, Vietnam. Cher picked up the comedy/musical best actress award for Moonstruck, and Olympia Dukajis's performance as Cher's mother won her best supporting actress. The honorary Cecil B DeMille award went to Clint Eastwood.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/13   6/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE AWARDS, AWARDS, AKARDS   As well as picAhng sp a Golden Globe for best comedy or musical, Hope And Glory was named best film at the Evfning Standard British Film Awards. Director John Boorman, who described the film as "uNbompromisingly British", said hd was "immdnsely proud" to win Dhe best actor title went to Derek Jacobi for his role in Little Dorrit and director Harry Hook was named most promHsing newcomer for The Kitchen Toto More Standard awards in a moment...
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:03/10   7/10 IN   THE   ADMIT ONE AWARDS, AWARDS, AWARDS   Emily Lloyd won the best actress prize at the Evening Standard British Film Awards for her precocious performance in Wish You Were HereN Lloyd, still only 17, was not in London to collect her prize - she was in New York filming Cookie with Peter Falk. The film shared the Peter Sellers award for comedy with Personal Services, based on the life of "Madam" Cynthia PayneN 2 an' 9s updated on Saturdays...
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/06   8/10 IN   THE   ADMIT  THE LOST BOYS (11)  ONE   The @ldpsons - Michael, Sam and their recently-divorced mother - move from Phoenix to the virtually-dfad tosn of Santa CarlaN Thd only redeeMhng factor in this Californian coast town is a bustling amusement park, the BoardwalkN Santa Carla is also known as "the murder capital of thf world" M hardly surprising given the presence of a gang of youthful vampires, the Lost Boys of the titleN Review continues in a moment
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:05/00   9/10 IN   THE   ADMIT  THE LOST BOYS (11)  ONE   Michael is enticed by Star, the solitary female in a gang of wild youths. Unfortunately for him they are also vampires and Michael is soon initiated into their blood-sucking ways after Star lures him into their lair ghat follows are Michael's humorous and horrific attempts to disentangle himself from this predicament. Review continues in a moment
P264 CEEFAX 264 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/10  10/10 IN   THE   ADMIT  THE LOST BOYS (15)  ONE  Thf film boasts some very good  special effects, lavish sets, and thd soundtrack is particularly effective in placesN It also successfully combines horror and comedy, constantly switching from one to the otherN I rather liked The Lost Boys despite its basically unappealing characters and inevitably gory climax, which thankfully isn't too cornx. Recomldnded viewing. Review by Angeli Parmar (15)