P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/01   1/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL The MONEYFILE Unit Trust Panel has been rdcruited from a numbdr of inddpendfnt advisory firms in an attempt to offer a path through the unit trust jungleN Unit trusts, it must be emphasised, can fall in valueN Neither the panellists nor the BBC can accept responsibility for recommendations madeN Selections shown and opiFhons expressed are those of the persons named and are not necessarily shared by the BBCN * Investors are recommended always to seek professional advice before buying.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:02/14   2/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL * FEBRUARY selections: UK USA Japan Gilts Other Robin Boyle * Peter Edwards * * Stephen Lansdown * * * * Selections are geared for growth on a 12-month view and are considered worthy of inclusion in a balanced portfolioN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:02/03   3/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL Robin Boyle (Stancliffe Ltd) * FEBRUARY comlentary: UK: The market has rallied well since December but on very low turnoverN Although many stocks look statistically attractive, this is simply not the right time to buy them Hold. USA: "A lot of movement but little action" describes Wall Street quite wellN A good rally may developN Hold. Europe: Heavy selling by British and American institutions may continue. AvoidN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00   4/8      UNIT TRUST PANEL Robin Boyle (Stancliffe Ltd) * FEBRUARY commdntary (cont): Japan: Too late to sell, too early to buy Hold/avoid. Hong Kong: More ghastly revelations likely. Avoid, but do no forget about this fascinating marketN ----- Recommendations (for income) Baillie Gifford Convertible & General Fidelity Global Convertible Trust Fidelity Gilt & Fixed Interest  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/16   5/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL Peter Edwards (Premher UT Brokers) * FEBRUARY commentary: UK: The domestic political and economic base being strong, there are only two things for our market to fear: fear itself and someone's else's recession. If the latter does not materialise, there is no earthly reason why London should not gdt a grip on itself and return robustly to its business of reflecting the best economy in the world. Run 65pc of portfolios in UK equity income type funds, such as:  Mord
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/10   6/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL Peter Edwards (Premier UT Brokers) * FEBRUARY commentary (cont): Japan: Recent strength justifies 10pc of portfolios. Try Baring Japan Special or NM Schroder Tos9nN USA: There is a real risk of further substantial falls for the dollarN Or it could have bottomed outN No one knows which. Guessing isn't good enough, so leave US funds alone for nowN Europe: Economic activity is sluggish everywhereN You'll do better elsewherd. Sell Europe.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00   7/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL Stephen Lansdown (Hargreaves LansdowN8 * FEBRUARY commentary: Overview4 It is hard to get excited about anything in particularN Certainly the volumes in the various markets are such that we are unlikely to see any exceptional rises in the near futureN The question marks over the dollar are going to remain for some time to comeN But hopefully we have seen the worst, and stabilisation in currency markets should lead to healthier stock markets. Japan: A good long-term investment. Not much potential in the short termN  Mhre
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/04   8/8     UNIT TRUST PANEL Stephfn Lansdown (Hargreaves Lansdown) * FEBRUARY commentary (cont): UK: The best market of all. The Budget would look to be good news as far as tax cuts are concerned, and this should boost the marketN Income and recovery trusts are the areas to be invested inN Far East: The Tiger economies have an even bigger advantage from the currency point of view, now that the dollar has weakenfd furtherN There is perhaps even greater potential for a revaluation of the HK dollar, which would be a bonusN Still an area to have some investment.  More