P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:14/13  1/16          F   .$£££   ...a sequence of the d—hn news, sport and
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:14/00   2/16      housands of nurses and gpher health workers ard taking part in a day of action in England and WalesN T—e 24-Hour strike by mdmbers of NUPE and COHSE is aimed at forcing the Government to i.b—ease NHS funding and increase pay levelsN Thd M—jority of nurses are wor£hng normally, but in London ufhon leaders said response to thd d—y of acthon was greatdr than expected. See 105'205 @icket lines havd been set up, but the unions are providing emergency cover at hospitals affected by the strikeN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:06/01   3/16      There will be no mord cash for nurses' pay in the Budgdt, Treasury chief secretary Mr John Major has saidN Thf Government was also likely to demand health authorities foot part of any wage bill, he told a Trdasury and Chvil Service select committee meeting. He refused to comment on suggestions that hospitals might have to close for authorities to fund the increasd "I simply cannot go down that road and nor am I prepared to do so," he said Moore attacks strikers BBC2 204
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/10   4/16     A small ddlegation of nurses has been allowed to present a pdtition on the hdalth service to Dowfhlg Street Thdre had been at least four arrests as police stopped about 1,000 protestors including health wopkers and n0rses, from delivering thf letter It called for increased funding fop the NHS rather than B1dget tax cutsN About 2,500 nurses joined thd 24-hour strike in London, according to revAsed figurds from the National UFho& of Public Emplo8ees. It said a further 3,500 were involved but not on strike UlHon reaction BBC2 205
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:17/10   4/16       A small ddlegation of n0rsds has been allowed to present a pfththon on the health service to DowV—n£ Street. Thdre were four arrests in scuffles as police stoppdd abo1t 1,000 prntd1tors including health workers and nurses, from delivdring thd letter It called for increased funding for the NHS rathdr than Budget tax cutsN About 2,500 nurses boined the 24 hour figures from the National Union of Public Employees. It said a further 3,300 were involvdd but not on striqd Union reaction BBC2 201
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/01   5/16     Thf British Medical Association has called on the Government to provide a furthdr £1,500 million for the National Health Service. The BMA's chairman, Dr John Marks, said funds were needed immediately to remedy deficiencies in the health serviceN He said money should be set !rhdd for demographic change, catastrophes such as AIDS and mafor pay restructuringN The BMA said the extra money would correct the shortfall in funding the NHS which had developfd since 1981 Health workers strike 103/203
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00   6/16       British Coal is to close two pits and a coal washfry in south gales with the loss of 1,162 jobs. Lady Ghndsor pit near Abercy.nn, Mid Glamorgan, Abernant near Pontardawe, dst Glamorgan, and the Wernos washer8 near Ammanford, Dyfed, are to shut BC's area director, Mr Ron Price, said the two collieries had combined losses of £87 million since 1980. Miner1 would be offered redundancy or transfersN South G—les NUM pre3hddnt Mr Les Dutfield said bobs (—d been swept away with catastrophic effectN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/20   7/16      British Coal wants to end the system which allows only thd pit deputieq' union NACODS, to supervise pit safety. Thf move follows a one-day strike by members of NACODS on Monday over pay and conditions. British Coal's chairman, Sir Robert Haslam, said phd continuing industrial action in the industry could put up to 20 pits at risk, and 1,500 jobs The dispute between the two sides will go to an independent tribunal tomorrow. It will be hdld at the law courts in Oxford and will bd a private hearing. Pits to close in Wales 113/213
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/01   8/16      Ferry services throughout Britain have been seriously disrupted by a strike by the National Unhon of Seamen An NUS spokesman said 50 vessels, nearly 100 per cent of the active UK ferry fleet, had been haltedN P&O and Sealink have been told that thfir High Court hearing against the NUS for defying a legal ban on the strike can take place tomorrow NUS leader Mr Sam McCluskie is to meet the management of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, whose sacUhng of 160 men led to the dispute, tomorrow.  Ferry news BBC1 168
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:21/17   9/16       An inspector in charge of staff at King's Cross on the night of the fire has said he got within 4ft of putting out the blaze with a fire extinguisherN Mr Christopher Hayes, who was the relief station inspector at the London undfrground station, told the official inquiry that smoke beat him backN He said he had only a "general idea" of where fire-fighting equipment was kept and he had received no training to deal with fires at the stationN The fire, last November, killed 31 peopleN News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:01/01   10/16   WELSH FA SACKS MIKE ENGLAND The Welsh FA have sacked Wales managdp Mike England. England, who had been in charge for the past 7\ ydars, did not attend the meeting of the full council and was not present in Cardiff whdn the ddcisifn was announcedN England went part-time and took a big cut in his salary at the start of 1986, following Wales's failure to qualify for the World Cup finalsN He had been expecting problems when +ales were snable to reach the European Championship finals
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:10/02   11/16    NEg FACBS   FOR GB $FAM Great Britain have named two newcomers for the ghitbread Trophy Test against France at Headingley on Saturday. Castleford winger David Plange U—Res his debut on the right flank and Paul Dixon, the Halifax second row forward, gets his first full chance having been substitute twice against the French. Another change to the side that won 28-14 in Avignon last month is the recall of Bradford Northern winger Phil Ford, while Andy Gregory has recovered from injury and resumes at scrum halfN More   
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:01/10   12'16   WARREN GOING  TO HIGH CN$RT Frank Warren is to seek a hig— court infunction tomorrow to stop the British Board of Control withdrawing thdir officials from his promodion on Sunday. Thf Board want nothing to do with the evdnt at Staffopd bdcause the main fight on the bill, Tony Sibson's IBF middleweight fight, is over 15-ro2nds. The BBBC inrhst on a 12-round limit to contdsts for medical reasons. Although Warrdn has found IBF officials for Sibson's fight, hf is planning to sue the Board for restraint of trade in order to force them to pro6—de judges for the rest of the bill.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/02   13/16   INDIA BANS ITS CAPTAIN Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar has been banned from playing for six months Thd ban was imposed by the Indian Board of ontrol because Vengsarkar violated his contract by writing a newspaper column during thd recent series agahnst the West Indies. In December, all 13 other members of the Indian squad called on the Indian Board not to take action against him. Ve.fr—rkar will be barred from state and international g—les, altho1gh no Test series are scheduled during his six-month banN Headlines 300
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:02/00   14/16   IN $RY P OBE OVER MILLER London Irish officials are meeting tonight to decide whether to take any action ovdr the serious injury suffered by lock Andy Miller on Saturday Miller, a city stockbroker, suffered a broken baw during the match at Pontypool and underwent an operation in a Newport hospital Thf club's executive comDhttee whll discuss the incident with their players Club spokesman Charles Byrne said: "We want to find out exactly what happened M whether it was an acciddnt or dfliberate." Headlines 300
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:03/12   15/16   TYSON AND SPINKS  TO CLASH IN JUNE Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks look set to meet in a hdavyweight title fight in June, although no exact date or venue has yet been decided Spinks' adviser Butch Lewis sahd a contract could be signed by next week. Spinks will fight for a fee of around $12.5-13.5 million, while Tyson will probably earn more than $17 million. Both men are sndefeated so farN The ndws dashfs hopes of a June clash between Britain's Frank Bruno and wopld champion Mike TysnnN  Headlines 300 
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 3 Feb 21:14/30   16/16   0600-2400   Thursday   Most places will have s2n   and showers, some of them  hfavy especially in the  north. ,,,  ,, These will die o2t d2rhng  the day and be confined mostly to N Scotland,  NE England and some   western coasts.   Cloud and rain will spread * , , into the south-west with , * sleet or snow on high  groundN OUTLOOK FOR THE FOLLOWING 48 HOURS: Unsfttled weather contin5hng.