P204 CEEFAX 204 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/00   1/2     Thfre will be no more cash for nurses' pay in the Budget, Treasury chief secretary Mr John Major has saidN The Government was also likely to demand health authorities foot part of any wage bill, he told a Treasury and Civil Service select committee meeting. He refused to comment on suggestions that hospitals might have to close for authorities to fund the increaseN "I simply cannot go down that road and nor am I prepared to do so," he said. Moore attacks strikers next More
P204 CEEFAX 204 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/11   2/2  BACKG NVND   Health Secretary Mr John Moore says he deplores the nurses' strike and that reports of a three per cent pay rise are "utter nonsensebN The nurses' "first and absolute duty is to the patients", he said, before speaking at a conference, "Promoting Better HealthbN He said industrial action only hurt the sick and helped no oneN Reports that the nurses' pay rise would be three per cent or less were "a complete misrepresentation", he added.  Budget aid ruled out next More