P203 CEEFAX 203 Wed 3 Feb 21:04/10   1/2     Thousands of nurses and other health workers are taking part in a day of action in England and WalesN The 24-hour strike by members of NUPE and COHSE is aimed at forcing the Government to increase NHS funding and increase pay levelsN The mafority of nurses are worshng normally, but in London union leaders said response to the day of action was greater than expected. See 105/205. Picket lines have been set up, but the unions are providing emergency cover at hospitals affected by the strikeN
P203 CEEFAX 203 Wed 3 Feb 21:00/01   2/2      Operations have been postponed in some parts of the country because of the day of action by health workers. Information received by the Governdent said the areas affected included parts of London, Yorkshire and LeicesterN But it said the industrial action appeared to be patchy. In the Commons, Labour MP Mr Dave Nellist had a demand for an emergency debate on the NHS turned downN