P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00  1/6    Muscular Dystrophy is the name given to a number of diseases which cause the muscles to waste away graduallyN Sufferers of its most severe form - Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - are often in wheelchairs by the age of 10N The Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britain and Northern Ireland needs volunteers throughout Britain, to help existing branches and to start new ones Thd group's main aim is to raise money for medical research. It also provides support to those affectedN Address subMpage 6 More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:04/00  2/6    In Northumberland, Hawkhirst Adventurd Camp, require a number of helpers to assist with camp duties People with skills and experiencd are needed to give instruction in sailing, canoeing and other activities, as well as helping generally at the camp. Address sub-page 6 More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/11  3/6    Cathedral Camps offer "active work for willing hands" on their holidays this sullfrN Activities range from polishing the lectern at StN Bridf's, Fleet Street, London, to perching on scaffolding to clean stained glass windows at St Edmondsbury Cathedral, Bury St EdmundsN Volunteers for Cathedral Camps, who sdould be agfd between 16 and 30, pay towards board and lodging which could bf a stone floor in a cathedral chapterhousf or a parish hallN Address subMpage 6 More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:03/00  4/6    I CAN, an organisation involved in spfcial education and care for handicappfd children and young peopleN It is celebrating its centenary year by launching a £4.5 million appeal and many fund raising events throughout the country. You could take part in a sponsored London to Paris bike ride, tfddy bears' picnic or many other eventsN The aim is to raise enough money for an expansion programme to give more pfople a chance to say: "Yes, I can"N  More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/02  5/6    The National Trust is seeking young volunteers for consfrvation work camps in 1988N Projects focus on a range of different conservation tasks and localities, including rfstoring a Victorian garden in Staffs and clearing bracken and scrub on the North York MoorsN Each camp lasts one week and volunteers are required to pay a small amount towards board and lodgingN The minimum age for most camps is 17N Address sub-page 6 More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Wed 27 Jan 21:11/10  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 6/6   h4 Further information about any of the afore-mentioned organisations can be obtained by sending an A5 (6" x 8") stampfd addressed envelope marked CF/331 to: Angie Perry, Information Officer, The Volunteer Centre, 29 Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2ABN Thf Volunteer Centre regrets it cannot respond to telephone inquiries about these pagfsN Address subMpage 6 More