P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:03/08 1/21  NEED TO          News and  features for  the deaf & hard  of hfaring  Edited by  Jen Roberts  Updated 22.1.88   Diary Dates  on 292 
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/11  2/21  NEED TO    £ Disabled Person's Arts Conferencd - Promoting Positive Self ImagesN Manchester City Council's Equal Opportunities Committee in confunction with three othfr organisations is organiqhng this mabor arts event in the north west for March 26/27N Several qudstions about disability culture will bd addrdssed and there is an invitation to boin a couple of taster workshops led by disabled artistsN Thd workshop menu includes keyboards, drama, dance, writing, photography, screen printing and paintingN Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00  3/21  NEDD TO   ££! "££" £"££"!£"£ £ DIsabled Perso. s Arts onferdfce Thd last day of the conferdfbe winds up whth a cabaret and 2ociad event featuring dhsabled artists from aro0nd the rdgionN During thd week commencing March 21, thf orgafhsers are collabgpatin£ with venufs lI!d the Green Room and thf Cornerho5sd on a series of related activities from movies to live pdrformances and ofd-off work2hops. If you want to know more contact Kehth Stpd(dns O61-234 3239, Ian Standnn 061-224 1722, Sally Medlyn O61  
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:52/00  3/21  NEED TO    Disabled Person's Arts Conference - Promoting Positive Self ImagesN The last day of the conference winds up with a cabaret and social event featuring disabled artists from around the recHonN During the week commencing March 21, thf organisers are collaborating with venufs like the Green 2oom and thf Cornerhousf on a series of related activities from movies to livd performances and one-off workshopsN If you want to know more, contact Keith Stpehens O61-234 3239, Ian Stanton 061-224 1722, Sally Medlyn O61-228 3062 Morb
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00  4/21  NEED TO   Aspdcts of childhood deafness - a one Thf subfects under discussion will be cochlear implants, conductive losses, appropriate hearing aids, parent7 professional interaction. Speakdps will bd Dr Barry Mc ormhck, Dr Gareth Holsgrovd, Dr Sue Gregory, Dr Philip EvansL Mr Sabjad Munir, Mrs Ann HebblethwaitdN ost is £4 for parents, £7 for professionals including lunch and the days's refreshmfntsN More details from Mr Carlo Lauren:i, NDCS, 45 Hereford LWAH  9272 More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:10/10  5/21  NEED TO   Fostering and adoption. In case you missed it thd first time round "See Hear" will be repeating its programme on fostering and adoptionN Thd programme incl0des a film abo0t a ddaf family who have adopted a young deaf girl and "See Hear" looks into the whole qufstion of ddaf people who want to foster or adoptN Thd prograFlf will be translhtted on January 31 at 1210 BBC1, with a rdpeat showing on February 2 at 1435 BBC2  More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:11/00  6/21  NEED TO   ££! "££" £"££"££"£ £ News of newly-opened clubsN Strathkelvin Club is a fairly new club for ddaf and hard of hfaring people living in the Strathkelvin and Cumbdrnauld and Kilsyth area Meetings are hdld in the ComD4nity Centre, Woodhead Park, KirUhnthlloch on Wednesd—y eveNhngs 1930-2130N Thdre are currently about 20 members but the club is keen to attract new peopleN There is no agd lilhtN Membdrship £1 adults, 50p childrdnN Hearing pfople welcome but would bd expected to usd Sign Languagf or bd willing to learn itN  Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:10/01  7/21  NEED TO   News of newly-opened clubs. A new club for deaf and hard-of-hdaring people has bfen startfd in Goole, North HumbfrsiddN It meets on thd first Wednesday evenhng of each month 1900 2100 at the Parish All hdaring impairdd people and their fahhlies are invited to attendN £ontact Reverend Michael H Sabell, Diocese of Sheffield, Halwyn House, 13 Gestmorland Way, Sprotbro2gh, Doncastdr DN5 7PJ. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:12/10  8/21  NEED TO   £"££"££"£ £ Free public lecturds with Sign Language interpreters at London Musdums. The first of these lectures will be "London Life in the Second World War" on January 28 at 1310 at thf London Musdum, London gall, London EC27 5HNN "ghat is Cubism?" February 2 at the Tate Gallery, Millbank, London S£1P 4 G Starts 1300. "Elizabdth I and Her Courtiers" on March 3 at The National Portrait Gallery, St Martin's Place, London WC2H OHE Starts 1310N More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:13/00  9/21  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Netball players required Thf 66 Club Netball Section need more girls to boin their clubN Thdir AGM will be held on March 17 at Charlie's Pub, Drury Land Covdnt GardenN Be there bdfore 1830 Extra information will be given at that meetingN If you are interestdd in joining, please send your name and addreq2 to Debbie Slayford 82 Albert  Good Green, London N22 4AH before the AGMN More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:58/47  10/21  NEED TO   £ommon Ground Dance Theatre's latest pfrformance "Light Cycle 5"N "Light Cycle 5" uses contfmporary dance Sign Language, mime, original music and thfatre to create a new style of dancf theatreN Common Ground Dance Theatre performs original works that are accessible to people with hearing lossN The company is also involved in education, running intfgrated general  training worksdops. The pfrformance will take place at Thf Place $hfatre, 17 Duke's Road, WC1 on February 10 at 2000N Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 20:11/10  11/21  NEED TO    Letters M John Derby from BelfastN "I am writing after watching a progralld about the education of deaf children in Northern Irdland "I fdel thoroughly insulted by the teacher of the deaf's comments that if shf signs s—d is bringhlg herself down to the levfl of childrenN "In any language whfre childrdn ard involved in educational settings adults must bring themselvds down to the lev—l of the children concerned in orddr to get across to them, then as thfir knowledge increases they can add the wealth of language." Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:11/27  12/21  NEED TO    Vie Foot from Norfolk complains about the same programmeN "I have fust watched part of a programmf on BBC1 showing an oralist teacher giving her views on Sign Language versus oralismN "Her own hands nfver seemed to be still all thf time shf was talking, yet shf will not allow deaf children to usf their hands! "Really after 42 years in the deaf world it bfcomes nauseating to hear the same arguments again and again! There has been 100 years of oralismN The systfm has NOT workfd for the averace deaf person M FULL STOP." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:04/14  13/21  NEED TO   Vie Foot on Sign Language versus oralismN "Surd oralism has worked for some of us and we are grateful to thd systdm which helpfd us M BUT we ard few and far between and not always born deafN "Usually pfople with acquired ddafness are those who benefit most from oralism "Let the powers that be now call a truce and allow Total Communication at all levels in all situations and places Have the deaf not suffered enough? Have we got to go to our graves with the same arguments still raging like Thf 100 Years War!bN Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:05/30  14/21  NEED TO   Vie Foot on Sign Languagd versus oralism. "Provide spdech classes as part of the school curriculum M many deaf people do try to speak anyway so thdy sho0ld be given the opportunity to improve their spfech just as hearing childrdn have thf opportunity to learn to spfak French and Spanish etcN "How about ma3hng TC part of the curriculum in hearing schools? Communication is a two-way affair and why s—ould the onus always bd on ddaf peopleN That way maybd by the time we're pushing daisies we s—all really live in an integrated society." Mor—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/04  15/21  NEED TO   Sign Language versus oralism. So, some strong reactions from viewers about the abovd issueN I'd be interested to hear other pfople's views on the mattdr M even if you didn't sfe the programme referred toN crite to NNTS, 2oom 7013, BBC TV Centre Wood Lane, London W12 or send me a VHS of your views in Sign LanguagdN Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/36  16/21  NEED TO   Letters M Rhena Stitt from Belfast. "I was aghast when I rfad about the traumatic fourney sp to London that Gabrielle Partington had to makf on Decembfr 21 in ordfr to obtain batteries from the clinic for hfr hearing aidN "In this part of the UK anyone severly deafened and partially-sighted like Gabrielle would not be expected to collect batteriesN These would bf posted to her on request. "If you eNpuire, Gabrielle, I thins you will find that batteries can be sfnt by post." Morf
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:08/00  17/21  NEED TO   Sending for hearing aid batteries by post is possible in some parts of the country, but this is not always the case in LondonN The reason is that there arf many more centres in London and so people havf more choiceN Outsidd London there l—8 bd only one centre within say a 25-mile radius. However, it is worth checAhng with individual clinics to see what their policy isN I'm sqre thfy would take spdcial circumstances into account. If you do want batteries sent to you by post you have to send in your service book and old batteriesN Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/04  18/21  NEED TO   ££! "££"!£"££"££"£ £ Victor Gale from Dorset kicks off the sdries about snusual hobbies'fobs etc by ddscribing his favourite pastimeN Unfortunately, due to failing sight he has had to give up many hobbies, but his favourite onf is writing justifiable letters of complaint. "Over thd years I have sent complaint letters to hundreds of people, manufacturers, institutions, Membdrs of Parliament, Government  municipal enterprises, Post Office and telephone services, electricity, water and sewage authorities, hotdls, rdstaurants, brdwers, TV, and the pressbN Mord
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/10  19/21  NEED TO   Victor Gale's favourite hobby is writing letters of complaint. "In every case my complaint was startdd by a letter and in 99% of cases my letters have been acknowledgfd. "Thd replies have been civil, sometimes humorous, and mostly people are appreciative of having their attention drawn to shortcomings on their partN "One reply I remember particularly was from a fIsh product manufacturerN Tdey told md thdy had produced six mhllion packages of the item I complained about and mine was the only complaintN In compfnsation they sent me a marvellous sflection of their other products."
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00  20/21  NEED TO   Victor Gale's favourite hobby is writing letters of complaint. "I have friends who never send letters of complaint even whdn they have a case Othdrs say they never get satisfactory replies when they do, and ask how I do it "Of course there is much more to it than prfparing a casual letter but it would take too much time to explain it here, but I would say that a wellMtyped letter is most essfntial." ghat are your hobbies/interests? Write and let us knowN mgr—
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/26  21/21  NEED TO   grite to NNTS with your news, views and informationN NNTS, Room 7013, BBC Television Centre, London, W12 7RJN Subtitling comments to: Room B103, BBC Centre House, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJN Room 4168, Broadcasting House, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. More