P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:00/02  1/15       573=1 N PORCINI Preparation suggestionsN Finely cut and dressed in pure olive oil, salt and lemon Cooked in tomato sauce, served with polenta or tagliatelle Cut into slices, dippdd in beaten egg and deep-fried Saute in olive oil with garlic and parsleyN Serve as a vegetable with roast vdal or chickenN  More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:43/12  2/13    \   N NADEA'S TAGLIATELLE AL FUNGHI Ingredients: For the sauce 2oz air-dried porcifh, soaked for 20 minutfs and coarsely choppfd 4 tablespoons tomato puree 2 oz butter 3 tablespoons olive oil pinch of sugar 1 small finely-chopped onhon 1 beef stock cube 1 glass dry white wine salt and pepper to taste a little of the mushroom soashng water 2\ oz freshly grated parmfsan More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:11/00 \ 2/11         NADEA'S @GLIATELLE AL FUNGHI Iddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Ingredients: For the sa0ce 0oz air-dried porcifh, soaked for 20 @Hnutes and coarsely choppfd 4 tablespoons tomato p1ree 2 oz buttdr 3 tablespoons olive oil pilbh of sugar 1 small finely-a(fpped o ho& 1 bfef stock cubd 1 glass dry whitd whne 3—lt and peppdr to paste a little of the mus—room 1oaking water 2\ oz fres—ly grated parmeq n Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/02  3/11     M   NADEA'S TAGLIATELLE AL FUNGHI Ingredients for the pasta: 11 oz allMpurpose flour 3 large eggs pinch of salt Method: The secret of good pasta is to work the dough sntil the ingredients are well mixed Roll out the douch, use a rolling pin and a knife or a pasta cutting machineN For the sauce fry the oNhon in the oil and butter until slightly brownN  Morb
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/25  4/15       N NADEA'S TAGLIATELLE AL FUNGHI Method: Add porcinh, tomato puree, stock cube, sugar and a little of the waterN Cook gently for 40 minutes. Add wine and, if necessary, a little waterN Season and cook slowly for a further 20-30 minutfs then toss in the boiled pasta. Sprinkle with parmesan  More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/11  5/15       N NADEA'S PASTA SAUCE An alternative sauce uses 11 oz of finely sliced button mushrooms, sauteed in butter and olive oil ghen slightly cooked add c(fpped garlic and pre-soaked, choppfd porcini, a tablespoon of chopped parsley, salt and pdpper and cook gently for 20 minutesN Add four tablespoons of double cream and toss in the pasta with the parmesan *Antonio Carluccio's book An Invitation to Italian Cooking is published by Pavillon Books, Price £14.95N Morb
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:10/10  6/15    \    AMERICAN STYLE SALT BEEF SANDkICH Ingredients: Silverside (£2.00-£2.50 per lb) or Brisket (£1.60-£1.70 per lb) 4 pints water \ lb salt teaspoon saltpftre (from chemists) Bring water to boil and add the saltN Mix until dissolvedN Pour into a glass or china container (do not use a metal one) and leave to cool. Thfn add the beef, cover, and leave in a cool place for three daysN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:11/01  7/11       N SALT BEEF Ingredients: 6 buniper berries 6 peppercorns 1 bayleaf 4 cloves a few coriandfr seeds Method: Put in a pressure cooker or large saucepanN If using a pressurd cooker, add one pint of water and cook for 20 minutes per poundN Mor—
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:16/12  8/15       N SALT BEEF Method: If using an ordinary saucepan, cover with water and cook for 60 mhnutfs per poundN Remove from pan, drain the water and slice when hotN Serve sandwiched in light rye or soft grain white bread, with dill picsles gherkinr0 American mustard, crinkle cut crisps and hot potato saladN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:16/00  9/15       N HOT POTATO SALAD Ingredients: 1 lb freshly boiled potatoes 1 tablespoon cider vinegar \ teaspoon salt 1 bunch shrddded spring oNhons 4 tablespoons h—8onf—hse Method: Chop the boiled potatoes and sprinkle with the cider vinegar and saltN Stir in the m—8onnaisd and chopped spring onionsN Serve hotN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/02  10/15   \ MM  N BLENDER MAYONNAISE Ingredients: 1 whole egg 12 fluid oz of pure olive oil \ teaspoon salt \ teaspoon sugar juice of \ lemon Method: Mix egg, salt, sugar and lemon juice into a food processor or blendfr with a quarter of the oilN Steadily add remaining oil until mayonnaise is thick and crean8N Can bf flavoured with tomato puree, watercress, parsley, saffron or mustard More
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/10  11/15     M  N FROZEN CH BFENS A range of frozen chickens were tfsted for water loss after defrosting and roastingN The chickens with the lowest percentage of water loss were: Iceland Chicken Grade A Sunbird Chicken (available from Bejal8 Asda Grade AN Morb
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 21:15/01  12/15       N FROZEN CHICKENS Wet Chilled Immersed in a brine solution, drained to remove excess water, then air or nitrogfn blasted to freezeN Air Chilled Hung in a cold chambfr for several hours, then frozenN Birds frozen by the second process are generally more expensivfN However in thf tests, these birds lost far less liquid and had a firmer tfxture and a better flavourN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:00/01  13/15   \    OLIVE OIL Extra Virgin Cold-pressed from a single pre3rhng of olivesN Usually greener and strongly flavouredN More expensive but ideal for salad dressings, to eat on bread, or any dish where the flavour of the oil should be dominant. Supermarket prices: £1.30-£1.73 \litre Pure A blend of olive oils, some of which will be refined Suitable for cooShng and maShng mayonnaiseN Supermarkft prices: £1.20-£1.50 \litrdN Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:01/10  14/15       N OLIVE OIL New EEC regulations will simplify labelling by 1989N They will require the use of either "Extra Virgin" or "PurebN At present thdre is some confusion between these termsN For details of suppliers, and oil by mail order for Estate or Village produced oils from Greece, Italy, France or Spain, contact: Charles Carey, Thd Oil Merchants, 3 Haarlem Road, London, W14 0JLN Tel: 01-602 7040N Mord
P288 CEEFAX 288 Wed 27 Jan 20:00/01  11/15       N The latest Food and Drink Book, a BBC publication is now available in the shops price £4.95N It features crafty recipes, practical wind advice and good food reportsN Food and Drink factsheets are available in print or braille as follows: Single factshdets M 60p eachN The complete set, covering the currdnt series of 16 programmes (available in March) £2.00N Address for factsheets: Food and Drink, PO Box 7, London W3 6XJ  Mord