P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:04/03  1/6   TOYOTA CO2OLLA (1) O A few weeks ago we put a Nissan Sunny through its paces and to put it bluntly we were not impressed The Sunny fulfilled a function but driving is supposed to bf fun and there is little about the Nissan in motion to bring a smile to the faceN Some would fire the same criticism at Toyota's latest Corolla - it is, after all, yft another Japanese saloon designed for global appetitesN Being all things to all men is rarely a recipe for poetry in motionN  More
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/12  2/6   NXOTACOROLLA O The four-door Corolla has several strong ingredients which shine through its clean but disappointingly nonM descript stylingN For starters, under the bonnet lies a dflightful 12-valve, 1295cc engine which develops a very worthy 74bhp. That is ample to put the Toyota at the front of its class grid - standstill to 60mph takes around 12 secondsN Best results are achieved at higher revs, where mechanical noise is by no means totally deadened.  More
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:03/10  3/6   OYOTACOROLLA O The Corolla scores highly in important dynalhc areas in addition to its performance fortesN Steering is sharp, brakes are full of feel and the employment of coil springs at all corners pays big dividends in terms of ride comfortN Handling is more neutral than one has come to expect from the averagf 1988 front-whfel drive saloonN Thd chassis' overall responsiveness will please those who enjoy driving and 34mpg will satisfy all comersN  Mord
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00  4/6    OYOTACOOLLA O The Corollla goes a long way to proving the Japanese can design interiors to suit European as well as Far Eastern tastesN The Mercedes-style curved binnacle found qp front housds splendidly clear instrumentation, a wretched economy meter, an LED clock and an ideally- positioned stereo systemN The whole effect is ergonomically sound and kind on the eye M in black, at leastN A turgid brown employed within our equally unpleasant two-tone test car ruined much of the good effect.  More
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/10  5/6    OYOTACOOLLA O Although the Toyota cannot boast any class-winning figures, space within is reasonable and there is a large bootN The Corolla's remote boot'fuel cap release, stereo and tinted glass seem scanty whfn compared with some of the past luxury-laden Japanese saloonsN And, priced at £7,349, the four-door GL faces some stiff opposition from the likes of Rover's 213, Nissan's Sunny, Ford' Orion and Vauxhall's Bel-fntN Of all these, the spartan but spritely Toyota is probably the best to driveN  More
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/54  5/6     TOYOTA O2OLLA (5) O Althoug— the Toyota cannot boast any !!}!ss sI^$@4sd—j£sP—s sP!!D!j@d@@^ @s reasonable and there is a large boot The Corolla's rdlnte bogt'fudd aap release stdreo and tint—d glass qdem scanty whfn compared with soDd gf phe past luxury-laddn Japandse salooN2 And, priced at £7,349, phd four —oor GL faces some sdiff oppo3htion from the likes of Rover's 213, Nissan'1 Sunny, Ford' Orion and Va0xhall'1 Bel,fnt. Of all phese, the spartan but sprhtely Toyota is probably the best to driveN  Mcqd
P263 CEEFAX 263 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00  6/6   TOYOTA CO2OLLA (6) O We like: free-revving 12-valve engine direct steering excellent visibility smart facia (in black) first class build quality We dislike: mechanical roar bland styling brown interior mouldings Overall: Toyota proves that saloons built to appfase worldwide tastfs don't have to be dead dullN Report for Ceefax by the Motoring Press Agency. Motoring updated on Fridays More