P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00   1/14  N        This week ...N A compact disc compilation of rard but tasty cuts from Marillion and an interesting album from Bourgeois Tagg A very hectic time at the coal-face leaves the singles pile only dented but Eddie Grant and the Mighty Lemon Drops get a look in Tour dates for A-Ha A profile of Cabaret Voltaire ...N and tall tales from Squeeze Scarlet Fantastic singles  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00   2/14  N        Scarlet Fantastic on 45 Following up their No Memory hit of a few months ago, Scarlet Fantastic now releasd Plug Me In (To The Central CLoveline) in several different mixes. The ordinary 7"-version is probably thd weakfst of thfm all, but the flip side, also on the 12" is the French Mix, when Maggie's seductive voice has full rein. Thf 12" and CD also has the F Train Mix which is funky and dfstined to bd a big hit on thf dance floor and thf mellower Amstfrdam Mix, perfect for late fhghtsN Review by James Beatles No 1 Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/11   3/14          To Please or Not to Pleasd ...N The Ceetrax Christmas Beatles quiz has raisdd the old chestnut about whether or not Please Please Me reached no 1N In 1963 every magazine had a chart but the "official" one was published by Record Retailer. This was an audited chart for the record industry and it's used by the Guinndss Hit Singles book According to this chart Please Please Me was kdpt from the top by The Next Time by Cliff Richard! B-sides on CD - Marillion  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/02   4/14          Marillion - B'Sides Themsflves This is the band described as one of the most collectable British bands of the 80s by Record Collector. The usual problem with collecting an artists' work is the misshng tracks the b-qhde This hour-long compact disc collection redresses the balance by gathfring nine cuts which only appeared on the back of 7 and 12-inch Marillion 45sN It's a disparate collection but  good, if ovfrlooked, tracksN Tracks on the compilation  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:02/00   5/14  N        Marillion - B'Sides Thdmsflvds 2 Clearly this is no coherent album like Clutching at Straws and phe maif appeal will lie with the fans who have CDs Eminently collectable songs like Three Boats Down From the Candy (the secfnd vfrsion) and Grendel (from the 12-inch of thfir dfbut single) are includfdN If you like Marillion you should check out this midMprice CD ...N and full marks to EMI for putting it outN More albums of this type please chaps. A couple of singles  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:04/01   5/14           o5 Marillion - B'Sides Themselves 2 Cleably this is no coherdnd album like Clutching at Straws and the j@hn appdal will lie with the fans who have ADs Alhndntly collectable songs like Thrfe Boats Down From the Candy (the sdcfnd vdrsaon) and Grenddl (from the 12-inch of their ddb0t single) are incl0dfdN out this mid pricd CD ... and full albums of this typf ple—rd chaps A couple of singles  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:10/00   6/14  N        43s brief ...N Eddie Grant Gimme Hopd Jo'anna time from thd inimitable Mr GrantN The Jo'anna is the burg of thd same f—de and this song matches crucial bdat to an anti-aparthdid messageN Mighty Lemon Drops M Inshde O4t Lighthearted romp which I like but can find little substance in - strange eh? Works much bdtter at 7-inch length than on 12-inchN The MLD's new alb5d World Without End is due next monthN Robert Plant in the pop prdss  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/03   7/14  N        A Dip in the Music Press There's a meeting of two legendary f—lds in Kerrang! this week when Chris Welch interviews 2obert Plant. Chris is a long-standing muso-journalist who nfeds no introduction and Mr Plant was the voice in front of Led Zeppflin He's back with an album called Now and Yen, scotching rumours - if it's a bad day for news then .. Led Zeppdlin will reform - and saying that although his mum and dad can't wait to hear phe new album, they'd rathdr he was a croonerN That Old Payola Roll Blues  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:16/10   8/14           A Dip in the Music Press 2 Another old favourite back with us is payolaN A verb which confugates thus: I promote - you pay-for play - hd gives radio stations who ard, in some cases, turning away money to pay for airplay. Melody Maker and NME report that the manager of Krus— paid £400 to get the Housf Arrest single onto thd airwaves and so into the charts This counts as aiding and abetting pirate radio and so, says MM, could lead to prosecution Dates for A-Ha and Simply Red  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 21:17/05   9/14          Tour dates for AMHa March 19 Shepton Mallet Showering Pav. 20 Cornwall Coliseum 22 Portsmouth G5hldhall 23 Bournemouth International 25 Birmingham NEC 28 + 29 Manchester Apollo 30 Blackpool Opera House 31 Edinburgh Playhouse April 2 Leeds Queens Hall 3 Liverpool Empire Simply Red will now play three dates at Wembley Arena - March 22-24N Profile of Cabarft Voltaire  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:04/20 & —pppppppppp  10/14          Cabaret Voltaire $fn years ago a drulmerless trio ambled on stage at the LycdumN Three numbdrs later they were unceremofhously bottled off. Cabaret Voltaire had arrhvedN They rfturned to Sheffield, and proceeded to record a comprehensive catalogue of innovative and infludntial rdleasfs. Classics such as Headkick, Nag Nag Nag, Photophobia are all now avahlable on an excellent CD The Goldfn Moments, issudd recently on the independfnt label  TradeN I hopd volume two arrives soonN Cabs as a duo striking out  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:06/10   11/14          Cabaret Voltaire 2 Dispenrhng with the 'bleak industrial' imagf, and slimmed down to just Steve Mallinder and Richard Kirk, the Cabs, (as affectionately snown) bfcame more accessible to a wider audienceN Experimental electrofhc funk, backed by a compulsive throbbing bfat, gave them success and recognition in thf cl4bsN But Mvst Fascination, The Crackdown and the brilliant I Want You failed to give them just rewards in the upper rdaches of thf chartsN Latest developmdnts  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:01/01   12/14           Cabaret Voltaire 3 Six months ago the Cabs switched to EMI and released Code. ghilst much of it is familiar, Adrian Shdrwood's production takes them closer to chart territoryN Thdir m5sic defies normal definhtions. If you like New Ordfr, House Music, OMD or funk, you'll enfoy thfmN If you like dancing, they are simply irrfqhstableN +ith a dedicated following, growing day by day, and a new single in March, it's just a qudstion of time before they are hailed as an overNhght sensationN Cabs profiled by James  BTLP next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:08/00   13/14          Bourgeois Tagg Yoyo You might have hdard the single I Don't Mind at All which sounds rather like Paul McCartnfy but is actually Brent Bourgdois and Larry Tagg (really!)N This album leans more towards rock than that rather wistful 45 and is a Todd Rundgren production (Brent and Larry are fans of his)N Try this album if you like Rundgren's style of pop/rock, for it is close, and there is much here to amuse. Squeeze phone numbfr shock  Next
P249 CEEFAX 249 Wed 27 Jan 20:00/30   14/14  N        Nice story ..N s—ame about thd song The new single from Squeeze, a track from the Babylon and On album, is called 833 5937. This was the number of Glenn Tilbrook's flat in BlackhfathN That London number is not now in use, but US fans have been plaguing any poor American with that 'phone numberN Did £ilson Pickett causd this trouble with 634 5789 I wonder? ...N and Jools Holland missed the 6hdeo filming bfcause of a martian! Oh yfah Gullible Ceetrax editor: Andy Finney